Why your bike and car brake pads need to be in perfect state?

How you are ever supposed to drive a bike or car when your brake pads are not working well and you are unable to control the bike/car on the road. If you are feeling a slight change in the control of your car, then you should go for the repairing or replacement.

Here are some of the benefits of brake pads and why you should always keep an eye on your brake pads.


Brake pads have a great impact on wheel alignment. If you don’t have proper brake pads in your bike/car, you’ll start experiencing several problems and the vehicle will start getting out of the control. The vehicle will become unbalance and unsafe for you.

If you are going towards the proper brake pads then you can see how it is going to leave a great impact on your wheel alignment. If you will invest in your brake pads then for sure you can drive with safety.


Ceramic brake pads are always in demand due to the long lasting quality and reliability. If you will go for the ceramic brake pads then you can feel that most of the problems in your car have already been fixed.

Sometimes, after fixing the brakes, you’ll feel that your vehicle is creating a weird sound. The sound is quite irritational and it annoys the driver as well. Using the ceramic brake pads will make you feel comfortable.


When you will start using ceramic brake pads, you can feel that you don’t have to apply all your energy to the brakes. Ceramic brake pads are easy to use and once you will start using them, no other brakes are going to make you feel comfortable while driving.

Before you go to buy the ceramic brake pads, take some time to take a look at the best ceramic brake pads reviewed here. Ceramic brakes have the power to extend the life of your vehicle. You don’t have to replace the brake pads again and again.


If you have low quality brake pads in your car, chances are that there will be dust in them soon and you won’t be able to use them in the case of an emergency. For this purpose, it’s important to choose the ceramic brake pads for the long life of your vehicle.

If you have ceramic brake pads on your vehicle then it will minimize the brake dust on your wheels and you’ll be able to drive in complete peace without any fear of the failure.

NO Skidding

If you are not going to use ceramic brake pads in your car then possibilities are that you will feel skidding while driving. In this case, your car can get slipped off the road and you will meet an accident.

Replace your low-quality brake pads with the ceramic brake pads to get rid of the risks and fear of the drive.

Mistakes that beginner bike and ATV riders make

Are you the one who loves to ride motorcycles and going to chase your passion? Are you trying to learn the tricks to be a pro in riding but stuck somewhere? Today we are telling you about the common mistakes usually bike and ATV riders make.

From these tips, you can learn from your mistake and you can improve your experience as well.  Have a look.


When riders learn the motorcycle, the first mistake they do is to run it in speed. Speed is not a good thing for you when you are a beginner and when you are not able to control it in time.

When you are learning to ride a motorcycle then the first thing you should take care of is of speed. If you don’t have control over your speed then it’s not possible to ride like a pro and to be a sensible rider.

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When you are riding a motorcycle then you should have a clear picture of traffic in your mind. You should know when you have to stop and when you can ride in speed. In traffic, you don’t have to keep your hand on the accelerator.

If you will keep pressing accelerator during the traffic then possibilities are that your vehicle is going to consume lots of fuel and other than that you can do accidents as well due to the no control over speed. This is dangerous for the rider who is learning.


People who want to experience adventure always go for the raising speed. If you are the one who wants to experience ATV adventure then, first of all, learn to keep the control on it. If you have learned the control then everything else will be easy for you.

The next thing you should do to maintain your ATV is to fix the speakers in it. If you want to make it look fancy and modern then choose the best speakers for ATV so you can enjoy your ride and never have to compromise on the quality.


No matter if you are riding motorbike or ATV the grip of the tires must be strong. Riders who have bikes do this mistake that they don’t care about the quality of the tires which can lead them to the slipping or horrible accidents on the road.

When you are going for the adventure and when you are using your ATV in the mud then make sure that you are having a strong grip on the tires. It should not get slipped in the mud.


At the time of riding the motorbike, you should have a sense of security for yourself and for the people around you as well. If you are riding like there is no one around and you are not caring about your life and the others then you will be in legal trouble.

To be a pro rider one should have a sense of responsibility and security so you can keep yourself and others safe all the time.

Linked Braking System (LBS) Proportional Control Valve (PCV) Leakage

American Honda is conducting a Safety Recall to inspect the Linked Braking System (LBS) proportional control valve (PCV) on affected 2002-2004 GL1800/A models. The PCV could develop a leak. Over time, the leak could result in a total loss of brake fluid in the rear brake system. If the motorcycle continues to be used after a leak occurs, the rear brake would eventually become inoperative. In the worst case, a loss of rear brake force may cause a crash without warning. All affected units will have the PCV inspected and replaced as required.


2002 GL1800
1HFSC470*2A111443 thru 1HFSC470*2A113582

2002 GL1800A
1HFSC474*2A102394 thru 1HFSC474*2A102823

2003 GL1800
1HFSC470*3A200001 thru 1HFSC470*3A212217

2003 GL1800A
1HFSC474*3A200001 thru 1HFSC474*3A203256

2004 GL1800
1HFSC470*4A300001 thru 1HFSC470*4A306927

2004 GL1800A
1HFSC474*4A300001 thru 1HFSC474*4A301749


American Honda is sending a letter to owners of all affected 2002-2004 GL1800/A models, advising them to take their motorcycle to a Honda motorcycle dealer to have the Safety recall procedure performed.Your assistance is needed to ensure your GL1800/A customers are informed of this Safety Recall. A copy of the customer letter is reproduced on page 5 of this Service Bulletin.

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Frame Weld Inspection

American Honda is conducting a Safety Recall on affected 2001-2002 GL1800/A Gold Wings to inspect frame welds. Certain frame welds may not have sufficient strength. High loads created when riding on
rough road surfaces or through potholes can cause the affected welds to crack. In the worst case, the welded area could break without warning, resulting in lower cross member separation and rear suspension collapse. This could result in a crash. All affected units will have their frames inspected and, if necessary, repaired.

All 2001 GL1800 (non-ABS)
1HFSC470*1A000010 thru 1HFSC470*1A006709

All 2001 GL1800A (ABS)
1HFSC474*1A000034 thru 1HFSC474*1A002553

2002 GL1800 (non-ABS)
1HFSC470*2A100001 thru 1HFSC470*2A111802

2002 GL1800A (ABS)
1HFSC474*2A100001 thru 1HFSC474*2A102393

NOTE: Trikes and vehicles with sidecars
attached are excluded from this Safety Recall.

American Honda is sending a letter to owners of all affected 2001-2002 GL1800/A models, advising them to take their motorcycle to a
Honda motorcycle dealer to have the Safety Recall procedure performed.

Your assistance is needed to ensure your GL1800/A customers are informed of this Safety Recall. A copy of the customer letter is reproduced on page 6 of this Service Bulletin.
Some units affected by this Safety Recall may be in your inventory. According to federal law, these units cannot be sold until they are repaired. Refer to the INSPECTION/
REPAIR PROCEDURE OVERVIEW section of this Service Bulletin.

Before you begin the inspection procedure, check if the inspection/repair has been performed on the unit. See the IDENTIFICATION section of this Service Bulletin for more details. If there is a punch mark on the VIN plate
as specified in this Service Bulletin, the unit has been inspected or repaired and no further action is required.

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