Road Trip – Recapping the best sights, roads, and tours in Kauai for bikers

Bike trips are extremely amazing especially when you’re in the beautiful land of Kauai. Recently, I went to Hawaii with some of my friends and we visited different popular places and enjoyed several amazing things there. When we heard about Kauai bike tours, we decided to give it a try as we were really excited to try all the adventurous things on this tour so that we can make it the memorable tour of our life.

And believe me, it was really worth it. All the things we enjoyed during this tour were extremely amazing and we captured a lot of photos on different beautiful points. If you’re willing to give it a try, you should go for it because it will be a great experience for you. In my opinion, this bike tour is the best Kauai Tour that you can really enjoy.

The best thing that I liked about this tour was that we had to travel downhill all the way due to which we didn’t have to use any force for dragging the bike. We started our journey from WAIMEA CANYON at 7 am. It was a great beginning and the weather was extremely incredible. We had planned to stay on different popular points as we were supposed to reach 3,000 feet down after a long journey.

Our guide had already told us that it would take almost half an hour to travel down the hill to reach the Pacific Ocean. One of the problems that we had to face during this tour was that one of our friends lost his balance and fell from the bike but fortunately it happened at the end of the tour. However, you need to maintain your balance when riding on the bike otherwise; you may get several bones fractured.

We passed by a forest during our ride and stopped there to capture some memorable photos. There are so many scenic views in this way that we wished to stop after every few minutes but we were short on time and guide told us that it would get a lot dangerous if we didn’t cover the entire road before evening.

Another big mistake we made during this journey was that one of our friends had the bag of snacks that we were supposed to eat during our rides and in the middle of the road he told us that he forgot to bring the bag with him. It was really bad experience as we started starving when we reached our destination.

There are several other things that you need to bring with you when going on this tour. I would suggest that you take a look at Check out the LYA Hawaii Tours Facebook Page if you want to know what are the important things that you must bring with you for this tour. You’ll definitely enjoy this tour with your friends and you’ll all remember this amazing experience for years.