Frame Weld

American Honda is conducting a Safety Recall on affected 2003-2004 GL1800/A Gold Wings to reinforce frame welds.Certain frame welds may not have sufficient strength. High loads created when riding on rough road surfaces or through potholes can cause the affected welds to crack. In the worst case, the welded area could break without warning, resulting in lower cross member separation and rear suspension collapse. This could result in a crash. All affected units will have their frame welds repaired.


2003 GL1800 (non-ABS)
1HFSC470*3A204861 thru 1HFSC470*3A212217

2003 GL1800A (ABS)
1HFSC474*3A201127 thru 1HFSC474*3A203256

2004 GL1800 (non-ABS)
1HFSC470*4A300001 thru 1HFSC470*4A301683

2004 GL1800A (ABS)
1HFSC474*4A300001 thru 1HFSC474*4A300334

NOTE: Trikes and vehicles with sidecars
attached are excluded from this Safety Recall.

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