Trunk Opener Unit, Opener Rod & Snap

Some owners of 2001-2008 Gold Wings may experience trouble opening the trunk or saddlebag lids when the applicable latch lever is pulled. Most of the problems are with the left saddlebag opener. In 2004, a Service Bulletin was issued providing instructions for installing a new trunk opener unit for customers complaining of a problem opening the left saddlebag lid. The new trunk opener unit, which strengthened the latch mechanism for the left saddlebag, became a standard part beginning with the 2005 Gold Wings.During production for the 2008 model year, the trunk opener unit was modified with a new, redesigned left opener rod (which runs from the opener latch lever to the opener body) and a new blue snap (which fastens the rod to the latch lever). The blue snap replaces a green snap that may experience breakage.

The affected VIN range for 2008 Gold Wings appears in the Repair Summary table in the Repair Procedure section.
All 2008 Gold Wings with higher VINs already have the new opener rod and blue snap.