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12 Best 125cc Dirt Bikes in 2023 | Specs, Pros & Cons

125cc Dirt Bikes

There are many dirt bikes available in the market. Selecting a particular dirt bike can become a hectic task for the buyer. The variations in the bike are only of the technology, the base is the same, and the objects inbuilt into the bike; only the technology is different that makes a bike stand out in the crowd. 

The power of the engine is an essential point to be noticed. When it comes to speed, dirt bikes have a variation in their speed as per their specifications and features. So, now the question is, what is the best 125cc dirt bike? Here to answer your question, here is a compiled list of the funky dirt bikes to date in 2023.

Our Selection of the Top 12 Dirt Bikes in 2023

Most buyers select the model as per the design and popularity. However, the essential point to remember is the specification rather than its design. It is necessary to understand the specifications and understand how the bike operates. Can we ride this dirt bike? Is it a good choice for me? Every buyer would want their money’s worth after paying so much for such a vehicle.

The list below tells about each dirt bike’s top speed, performance, and pros and cons.

1. Suzuki DRZ 125

Suzuki DRZ 125

The Suzuki DRZ 125 is a dirt bike available in the market, and Suzuki is also in the race to produce valuable dirt bikes with an enduro setup. An enduro setup means these dirt bikes are explicitly tailored with long-distance travel in mind. It aims to provide ease and safety while riding the bike on rough terrains. Buyers will have safety as a priority in their minds rather than pulling the bike just for a show. The upgraded gear includes a revised high-compression cylinder head, forged piston, new cam profiles, new intake port, and more. All of this combined gives the Suzuki DRZ 125 a much smoother and more durable performance.

Pros of Suzuki DRZ 125

  • New engine Electric start
  • Light clutch
  • Strong braking
  • Press digital CDI Ignition system
  • Soft suspension
  • Telescopic front forks
  • Excellent handling

Cons of Suzuki DRZ 125

  • Less torque
  • Tall seat makes it difficult for short riders
  • Expensive to replace or repair broken parts

Specifications of Suzuki DRZ 125

Top Speed45 miles per hour
Weight196 lb
Horsepower7 HP
Torque17.9 Nm
Frame Material Aluminium
Ground Clearance290mm
Seat Height30.5 in
PriceStarting at $3,399

2. Suzuki DR-Z125L

Suzuki DR-Z125L

The Suzuki DR-Z125L is an all-new electric dirt bike. This dirt bike is a dual sport dirt bike, meaning it can be used on dirt and pavement. It has an eye-catching design and looks very attractive. It offers an adjustable fork and suspension that can increase your ground clearance. It has a powerful 124cc engine, and Bosch brakes offer superb braking.

There are two modes available on the Suzuki DR-Z125L: eco and sports. Both come pre-programmed, and the Zero motorcycle app lets you customize the bike’s performance and show you detailed rider stats.

Because it is an electric dirt bike, the exhaust sound and noise gets fully eliminated. The noise and vibration cancellation lets you entirely focus on riding and gives you peace of mind.

Pros of Suzuki DR-Z125L

  • Lightweight
  • Handles well at a particular speed
  • Perfect for off-road and on-road use
  • Good for practicing sharp turns

Cons of Suzuki DR-Z125L

  • Sharp body design
  • Comparatively low speed

Specifications of Suzuki DR-Z125L

Top Speed55 miles per hour
Weight196 lb
Horsepower16 HP
Torque7.38 pound-feet
Frame Material Aircraft-grade aluminum
Ground Clearance11.4 in
Seat Height32.5 inches

3. Yamaha YZ 125

Yamaha YZ 125

The Yamaha YZ 125 is truly a legend among dirt bikes. Yamaha produces one of the world’s best diet bikes and has constantly improved and upgraded its designs and features. They have worked hard to fine-tune their mechanics and have finally come out with the Yamaha YZ 125. This bike has been modified to include a specific crankshaft that adds inertia and enhances low torque, 3-piston rings, and a 2-stroke engine to increase durability.

Pros of Yamaha YZ 125

  • Lightweight
  • Responsive
  • Affordable
  • Good Speed

Cons of Yamaha YZ 125

  • Only 2.1 US gallon tank
  • Higher maintenance

Specifications of Yamaha YZ 125

Top Speed70 miles per hour
Weight291 lb
Frame MaterialLight aluminum
Ground Clearance12.6 in
Seat Height33.1 in

4. Yamaha TT-R125LE

Yamaha TT-R125LE

The Yamaha TT-R125LE is another popular dirt bike by Yamaha. Their dirt bikes have a good reputation and never disappoint.

The Yamaha TT-R125LE is built with sophisticated technology that makes the dirt bike fun and thrilling. The updated model comes with all sorts of upgrades, the new version is easy and smooth to handle, and the riding experience is decent.

The Yamaha TT-R125LE comes with hard, soft, and standard options. Buyers can pick according to the path they are riding on before they move out. It has an impressive 4-stroke engine and suspension that handles tough landings well.

Pros of Yamaha TT-R125LE

  • Good for any terrain
  • Slim ergonomics
  • Light and noble handling
  • Powerful braking
  • Electric starter
  • Adjustability
  • Advanced rear suspension 

Cons of Yamaha TT-R125LE

  • Small fuel tank
  • No handguards

Specifications of Yamaha TT-R125LE

Top Speed89 miles per hour
Weight246 lb
Horsepower53 HP
Torque33 pound-feet
Frame MaterialAluminium perimeter frame
Ground Clearance340 mm
Seat Height37.9 in

5. Kawasaki KLR 650

Kawasaki KLR 650

The Kawasaki KLR is another dirt bike by Kawasaki that has undergone uncountable changes since its first sight in the 1980s. It has progressively improved over time, making it a bike that can beat all the odds.

The Kawasaki KLR 650 is a sports dirt bike that gives an easy ride on terrain. Some of the latest changes to this bike include fuel injection, a liquid-cooled electric starter, foot pegs, and a new seat that allows for cushioning and comfort. 

Pros of Kawasaki KLR 650

  • Responsive engine
  • Affordable
  • Sharp bodywork
  • Electric start
  • Rubber-mounted bars to reduce vibration
  • Liquid-cooled engine

Cons of Kawasaki KLR 650

  • Slightly heavy
  • No sixth gear
  • No tachometer

Specifications of Kawasaki KLR 650

Top Speed88-90 miles per hour
Weight456 lb
Horsepower40 HP
Torque39 pound-feet
Frame MaterialRound-section high-tensile steel
Ground Clearance8.3 inches
Seat Height34.3 in

6. Husqvarna TC 125

Husqvarna TC 125

The Husqvarna TC 125 is one of the most refined models from the Husqvarna collection and has a powerful engine. The dirt bike has a decent system that provides the best experience to the rider so a rider can enjoy a smooth, noiseless ride. It is a well-designed dirt bike that all off-road riders will love and appreciate.

The Husqvarna TC 125 features an electric starter with several control settings. It comes with a single-cylinder liquid-cooled, two-stroke engine and experts alike to use. The body of the bike showcases spiky graphics, highlighting dark blue and yellow. 

Pros of Husqvarna TC 125

  • Lightweight
  • Hydraulic disc
  • Plush suspension
  • More traction
  • Good fuel capacity
  • Impressive engine power

Cons of Husqvarna TC 125

  • Not DOT approved

Specifications of Husqvarna TC 125

Top Speed70 miles per hour
Weight68.8 lb
Horsepower40 HP
Torque32 pound-feet
Frame MaterialChromium-molybdenum
Ground Clearance375mm
Seat Height940mm

7. T M MX 125 2S

T M MX 125 2S

T M MX 125 2S has improved its lineup and given us this wonder. These are street-legal off-road dirt bikes, which are relatively light and do not make much noise. The front fork gets a small valving change and a clutch that the diaphragm is new; this provides a lighter pull and more control. The T M Racing rear suspension is the best thing. The bike has a decent rear shock suspension which makes the bike win the game.

Pros of T M MX 125 2S

  • Easy to ride
  • Four different electronic configurations

Cons of T M MX 125 2S

  • Expensive

Specifications of T M MX 125 2S

Top Speed110 miles per hour
Weight243 lb
Horsepower47 HP
Torque32.6 pound-feet
Frame MaterialMolybdenum steel /double cradle
Ground Clearance320 mm
Seat Height37 inches

8. Honda CRP 125

Honda CRP 125

It is another dirt bike with good mileage and premium builds quality. The Honda CRP 125 has a comfortable seat with a nice design as one of its unique features, which allows for good ground clearance. A rider can also ride this dirt bike without any problems because of the large capacity and handlebars provided.

It has a unique engine that allows it to cruise at high speeds easily. It includes an electric starter and a water-cooling feature. The rear wheel is supplied with a hydraulic brake, while the front one gets equipped with a hydraulic disc.

It has a 5-speed gearbox and a great suspension system that can easily cushion hard jumps, rocks, and stumps. This bike is suitable for two passengers. 

Pros of Honda CRP 125 

  • Good for exploring mountainsides
  • Engine with counterbalance
  • Lightweight

Cons of Honda CRP 125

  • Old model

Specifications of Honda CRP 125 

Top Speed62.1 miles per hour
Weight257.9 lb
Horsepower8.85 HP
Torque42 pound-feet
Frame MaterialSteel/single cradle
Ground ClearanceN/A
Seat HeightN/A

9. Honda CRF 125F

Honda CRF 125F

A 124.9cc engine has powered this dirt bike, and surprisingly, it has had almost very minimal changes made to it since the day it was launched in the market. The Honda Crf 125f is capable of a lot, is a reliable dirt bike, and has a high reputation within the market.

The suspension works like a dream so that the rider will be free from any mishaps till some limit. Honda vehicles always come up with the best suspension system. Bikers get excellent ground clearance, and you have suitable off-road tires that are great for trail rides. Although it still has old parts and components, it works perfectly on today’s road.

Pros of Honda CRF 125F

  • Easy to use
  • Clutch Friendly
  • Reliable engine
  • Works well over bumps

Cons of Honda CRF 125F

  • Not suitable for trail riding with a full tank
  • No kickstart as backup
  • Needs good maintenance

Specifications of Honda CRF 125F

Top Speed45 miles per hour
Weight194 lb
Horsepower8.85 HP
Torque7.5 pound-feet
Frame MaterialRugged Steel frame
Ground Clearance8.3 inches
Seat Height29.1 inches

10. Apollo DB-X18

Apollo DB-X18

The Apollo DB-X18 cc is another dirt bike with off-road capabilities. It has a starter kickstart with an air cooling system. The dirt bike has an electric starter as a backup, and it includes Li-ion batteries, which are lighter and more compact for the bike’s weight. A 6-speed wide gear ratio allows for smooth changing and goes well with the bike’s design. It has a telescopic and mono-shock suspension which makes a perfect 125cc bike. This Apollo DB-X18 is a perfect bike with manageable specifications.

Pros of Apollo DB-X18

  • Light-weight
  • Faster
  • Sufficient motor power
  • Good breaks and clutch
  • Produces clean power

Cons of Apollo DB-X18

  • Flawed jetting
  • Some parts aren’t high quality
  • Push-button gas cap

Specifications of Apollo DB-X18

Top Speed55 miles per hour
Weight67 kg
Frame MaterialSteel
Ground Clearance354mm
Seat Height36.5 inches

11. Beta RR 125 2T

Beta RR 125 2T

The Beta RR 125 2T is an Italian model which can expertly handle rough terrain and is a street-legal dirt bike. It has a high-performance dual sport model comprised of big two-stroke and four-stroke enduro motorcycles.

This dirt bike also has significant improvements from its previous twin. The updates are high-performance components, better suspension settings, bigger and larger fuel tanks, and more.

Pros of Beta RR 125 2T

  • Feels great on the track
  • Smooth engine
  • Reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Improved stability
  • Easy maintenance

Cons of Beta RR 125 2T

  • Bit expensive
  • Short service intervals of the competition-derived engine

Specifications of Beta RR 125 2T

Top Speed121 kilometers per hour
Weight93.9 kg
Torque5.1 pound-feet
Frame MaterialSteel double cradle frame
Ground Clearance325.1mm
Seat Height36.6 in

12. Sherco SE 125

Sherco SE 125

The Sherco SE 125 cc is a more on-road dirt bike than an off-road one, and it’s a small bike with a big attitude. However, if you change the tires to off-road ones, you will get a decent performance from this diet bike.

The Sherco SE 125 prime feature is its body design and frame. It is slim, and this provides durability. It has a 125cc liquid-cooled engine with forced circulation, a 2-stroke single-cylinder, and an electronically controlled exhaust valve. It has a high-strength frame.

Pros of Sherco SE 125

  • Fun to ride
  • Large intake valves
  • Great throttle response
  • Great sound
  • Powerful torque

Cons of Sherco SE 125

  • Poor handling
  • Not so much for off-road use
  • Sudden braking
  • Tall seat

Specifications of Sherco SE 125

Top Speed95 miles per hour
Weight147.7 lb
Torque25.6 pound-feet
Frame MaterialChrome molybdenum Steel
Ground Clearance355 mm
Seat Height37.4 in

4-Stroke vs. 2-Stroke Engines: Which One is Faster?

A 2-stroke engine is faster than a 4-stroke one; it has a better acceleration rate and can reach the top speed much faster. A 4-stroke will be a little bit slower for the pick-up.

Age Group to Ride a 125cc Dirt Bike for?

Dirt bike riding is generally fun, and this family fun activity has no restrictions for riding at any age. Generally, the minimum age from which anyone can ride a dirt bike is 3 years which is very young. Dirt bikes are available in the market for every age group and height. 

Every parent will be nervous before letting their kid ride a dirt bike. Though it is both exhilarating and fun to watch dirt bike rides, it has some risks too.

The engine power changes with age group and height, which is a plus point of a dirt bike. A 50cc engine is given for a child in the age group of 3-7 years which gradually increases with the height and age of the rider. The search for the best 125cc dirt bike ends here for children.

For riding a 125cc dirt bike, the age group is 12-14 years with a height of 5ft to 5ft 2 inches. It is the demand for riding a 125cc dirt bike.

Which Bikes Have the Best Components, Features, and Tech?

It is very well known that a handful of bikes are available in the market. Selecting a particular dirt bike can be difficult for first-time buyers and those who don’t have any prior experience in dirt bikes. With so many brands in the market and the competitive advertising techniques they use to lure willing buyers into buying their products.

In such situations, the buyer has to pause and take a step back. The basic need is a decent search about all the features and the frictions.

The top 3 best dirt bikes of 2023 are the Husqvarna FC450, KTM 450 SX-F, and the Kawasaki XK 450. All of these are the 2023 model version.

Kawasaki and Suzuki win the game in producing decent dirt bikes every time. These bikes are perfect in every aspect. 

Who Has the Best Clutch?

Clutches are one of the essential parts of the bike. The user must have this skill to handle the clutches because it helps handle the bike in a good way. Regarding which bike has the best clutch, Husqvarna TX 300 has a great clutch system. The undoubted reliability of the Brembo Hydraulic clutch provides excellent modulation in all types of weather conditions.

Who Has the Best Brakes?

Brakes are the savior for the bike rider. Nobody knows what obstacles they will face in their life. The KTM 450 SX-F has the best brakes available for dirt bikes. The bike has stoppers at both ends that allow instant braking and can stop even at high speeds. It is due to the front disc brake, which is 260mm, and the rear disc brake, which is 220mm. Also, the front-rear disc is semi-floating and features a new polyamide composite front disc protector that gives you more protection. 

Which Bike is the Lightest?

Lightweight bikes are easy to handle in any situation. The Kawasaki KX100 or the Honda CRF150R are some of today’s most lightweight dirt bikes. KawasakiKX100 is merely 77kg, and Honda CRF150R is just 83.91kg in weight.

Which One Makes the Most Power?

KTM and Kawasaki make the best and most potent dirt bikes available in the modern age. The KTM 250 SX-F is one of the most powerful bikes, and the Kawasaki KLR 650 is another great dirt bike. It has a great build and comfort, allowing you to ride with any issues.

Which Bike Handles Best?

A bike with 2-strokes will be handled better than a bike with 4-strokes. The Suzuki RM-250, Kawasaki KX250, and Honda CRF250 are 3 of the best and most affordable 4-stroke dirt bikes in the market.

Who Has the Best Suspension?

Yamaha and Kawasaki are the best in the production of dirt bikes. The Yamaha YZ250F has the KYB Speed Sensitive System (SSS) and the best shock suspension. They use a specific uni-track rear suspension, which gives the rider a superior suspension.

Which Bike is the Cheapest?

Cheapest bikes are a good start for those who have never purchased any dirt bike and just wanted to try it. The three cheapest dirt bikes you can buy are the Yamaha XT350, Honda CRF450L, and Husqvarna XC300. These bikes will give an idea about riding a bike. Gradually, bikers will upgrade their bikes. 


Do 125cc dirt bikes have titles?

Titles are an essential point to be completed before purchasing a dirt bike. Titles for dirt bikes are a form of ownership of the vehicle. Though having a title is unimportant, it has some significant value that can be saved anytime. Many states don’t have a fixed law for the dirt bike title, but they can be changed anytime.

Are 125cc dirt bikes street-legal?

Usually, a dirt bike is not street legal because of the presence of a headlight, tail, indicator light, and mirrors. A bike needs to be legal on roads to have all the necessary objects installed on the bike, and if the biker has these things, then the bike will be legal.

Can an adult ride a 125?

A 125cc dirt bike may be small in speed and seating for an adult. Though, it will be super fun to ride 125cc dirt bikes. If someone wants proper off-road riding, they are less efficient.

Which is the fastest 125cc dirt Bike?

Searching for the fastest bike in the world is something everyone wants to experience. Apollo DB-X18 is the fastest dirt bike, having a top speed of 55 miles per hour.

Rider height for a 125cc dirt bike?

For riding 125cc dirt, there are specific requirements in both height and age. Riders height must lie between 5 ft to 5 ft-2 inches, and the age must be 12-14 years.