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10 Best 140cc Dirt Bikes in 2023 | Specs, Pros & Cons

140cc Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are a thrilling and fun activity. Both kids and adults can take part in this and enjoy themselves. Now, you should know what kind of dirt bike you want to buy and how you will use it. Where will you ride it? How fast does a 140cc dirt bike go? Which is the best 140cc dirt bike? You should know everything about dirt bikes. 

Our Selection of Top 10 140cc Dirt Bikes in 2023

You should spend enough time reading and gathering reviews from peers from reliable sources before you make such a heavy investment. 

Here is our selection of the best 140cc dirt bikes in 2023. Good research beforehand is crucial. You don’t want to buy a dirt bike and then find a better one later, as it will be a waste of money and time. 

1. Kawasaki KLX140


The Kawasaki KLX140 is a 4-stroke air-cooled 144cc dirt bike which is a great bike for beginners and is an enduro motorcycle. The engine has a 5-speed manual clutch and transmission. The Kawasaki KLX140 c is a dirt bike with 4 different wheel size options, and it allows beginner riders who are bigger and larger also ride this dirt bike. The popular opinion is that the Kawasaki KLX140 is a good dirt bike and will perform excellently on trail paths. It is a reliable and simple dirt bike.

Pros of Kawasaki KLX140

  • Sturdy suspension
  • Low seat height
  • 4 wheel options
  • Lightweight and strong chassis
  • Affordable
  • Very good handling

Cons of Kawasaki KLX140

  • Needs maintenance
  • No back-up kickstart
  • No good for tall riders

Specifications of Kawasaki KLX140

Top Speed50 miles per hour
Weight205 lb
Horsepower9 HP
Torque5.16 lb-ft
Frame MaterialPerimeter Box-Section High Tensile Steel
Ground Clearance9.3 in
Seat Height33.8 in

2. Kawasaki KLX140L


The Kawasaki KLX140L is just a variant of the Kawasaki KLX140. The L has a change which is an increase in the wheel diameter size to 19/16, which will allow the dirt bike to have higher ground clearance. 

It has a 4-stoke air-cooled engine which makes it very low risk for overheating. The bike has 2 valves and a single-overhead crankshaft, and this is made accessible to any home mechanic by a screw-and-locknut valve that can easily be adjusted. 

The fice-transmission gearbox allows for smooth gear changing. It is also easy to do, and the gear changes will give you better acceleration. 

Pros of Kawasaki KLX140L

  • Large wheel
  • Push-button electric starter
  • LED light to show that that power is on
  • Quiet muffler
  • Lightweight
  • Good handling
  • Adjustable suspension

Cons of Kawasaki KLX140L

  • For small and short riders

Specifications of Kawasaki KLX140L

Top Speed54 miles per hour
Weight209.4 lb
Horsepower9 HP
Torque5.16 lb-ft
Frame Material Perimeter Box-Section High Tensile Steel
Ground Clearance9.3 in
Seat Height44.8 in

3. Kawasaki KLX140G


The Kawasaki KLX140G is another variant of the Kawasaki KLX140. The G increases the wheel to full-sized off-road wheels. 12/18 inches wide. Other than this change, it is the same as the KLX 140 and KLX140L.

This dirt bike is for larger and taller riders, as well as more experienced ones. However, beginners can also learn to ride this dirt bike in no time. 

It is a very good trail dirt bike and is made for exploring the woods and running on rough paths. The larger wheelbase will give you an added advantage when you go on bumps and sandy trails and get better ground clearance.

Pros of Kawasaki KLX140G

  • Electric start
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Bigger wheels

Cons of Kawasaki KLX140G

  • For older kids and adults

Specifications of Kawasaki KLX140G

Top Speed70 miles per hour
Weight218,9 lb
Horsepower9 HP
Torque5.16 lb-ft
Frame MaterialPerimeter Box-Section High Tensile Steel Aluminium
Ground Clearance12.40 in
Seat Height33.85 in

4. X-Pro 140cc


This dirt bike is powered by a 140cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine that is air-cooled. It has a 4-speed manual transmission. The performance is above average and not disappointing, depending on the rider’s weight and the riding conditions. It also includes front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. This dirt bike is also a little bit larger than regular dirt bikes. 

Pros of X-Pro 140cc

  • Good value for money
  • Good braking system

Cons of X-Pro 140cc

  • Suspension not up to the mark
  • Not reliable like the big named brands
  • Kickstart only

Specifications of X-Pro 140cc

Top Speed52 miles per hour
Weight282.8 lb
Torque8.5 lb-ft
Frame MaterialPlastic Body
Ground Clearance11.40 in
Seat Height35 in
Pricestarting price $1374

5. Thumpstar TSR 140-C

Thumpstar TSR 140-C

A 140cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine powers this pit bike. It has a 4-transmission gear that has to be changed manually, and it has a new tri-bar chassis which is more stable. 

The wheels are AK7 wheels that have been redesigned to give you comfort when you are on the road. The bike also featuresVS1 front forks that give you a pleasant suspension and will let you easily ride through all the bumps. 

Pros of Thumpstar TSR 140-C

  • Plush suspension
  • Strengthened wheels
  • Strong and stable chassis
  • Waterproof electric system

Cons of Thumpstar TSR-140C

  • Expensive

Specifications of Thumpstar TSR140C

Top Speed55 miles per hour
Weight198 lb
Horsepower11 HP
Frame MaterialTri-bar frame
Ground ClearanceN/A
Seat Height35 in

6. Pitster Pro MXR 140

Pitster Pro MXR 140

The Pitster Pro MXR 140 is one of the best pit bikes available. It is smooth and easy to operate with its semi-auto 4-speed transmission. The 17/14-sized wheels are great for the road and are trail friendly. Some other features of this dirt bike include a performance exhaust, airbox, and ultra-flex plastics. The braking features of this dirt bike are the highlight of this pit bike. 

Pros of Pitster Pro MXR 140

  • 4-speed transmission
  • Good performance
  • Big wheels
  • Light chassis

Cons of Pitster Pro MXR 140

  • Not a widely known brand
  • Loud exhaust

Specifications of Pitster Pro MXR 140

Top Speed55 miles per hour
Weight148.5 lb
Frame MaterialAluminum alloy and Chromoly with cradle
Ground Clearance8.5 in
Seat Height34.5 in

7. Piranha P140RE

Piranha P140RE

This pit bike is also very popular in the market right now. It is known for its high performance and ultimate top-level components used. It’s super fun to ride and very easy to handle. They are off-road bikes, and bikers can ride them on any terrain. 

Pros of Piranha P140RE

  • Good performance
  • Affordable

Cons of Piranha P140RE

  • Kickstart only

Specifications of Piranha P140RE

Top Speed55 miles per hour
Weight160 lb
Frame Material Aluminum subframe
Ground Clearance12 in
Seat Height31 in

8. Piranha ZR 140

Piranha ZR 140

Piranha pit bikes are popular because of their easy-to-use engine. This feature makes it easy for beginners to start riding, and even experienced riders will have an easy time. These pit bikes are durable, can handle any terrain you ride on, and are built well, making them easy to handle. Currently, they only have models for 2021. 

Pros of Piranha ZR 140

Pros of Piranha ZR 140

  • Durable
  • Long lasting chassis
  • Extended swingarm
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • Short seat height

Cons of Piranha ZR 140

  • Kickstart only

Specifications of Piranha ZE 140

Top Speed55 miles per hour
Weight152 lb
Frame MaterialPolypropylene body
Ground Clearance9 in
Seat Height26 in

9. TSX 140- C

TSX 140- C

This dirt bike has received an upgrade and is more efficient now. It has a new frame, airbox, linkage suspension hubs and rims, and more. It has a Thumpstar tri-bar frame that makes it strong. The redesigned AK7 wheels provide comfort with a 6-bolt sprocket and 4-bolt disc with a 20mm axle that will allow for an oversized wheel bearing. 

Pros of TSX 140-C

  • Good suspension system
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • A better air filtration system

Cons of TSX 140-C

  • Can have better acceleration
  • Not for overweight riders

Specifications of TSX 140-C

Top Speed50-60 miles per hour
Weight198 lb
Horsepower11+ HP
Frame MaterialTri-bar frame
Ground Clearance9 in
Seat Height32.7 in

10. SR 140 TR

SR 140 TR

It is a motocross dirt bike that has a 4-speed manual clutch. It is a single-cylinder, horizontal, 4-stroke engine. It is a reliable dirt bike and very fun to ride too. It is a good choice for trail riding. It is gaining popularity, and it is known for its premium components.   

The manufacturer is General Motors, a Chinese brand. They have a full line of bikes, such as motorsport, street motorcycles, scooters, and dual and enduro sport, which are street-legal. 

Pros of SRC 140 TR

  • Adjustable forks
  • Rebound adjustable shock
  • Air and oil cooling system
  • Lightweight

Cons of SRC 140 TR

  • Expensive

Specifications of SRC 140 TR

Top Speed55.9 miles per hour
Weight157 lb
Horsepower12 HP
Frame MaterialDouble bar steel frame
Ground Clearance12 in
Seat Height33 in

2-Stroke Vs. 4-Stroke 140cc Dirt Bike?

There is no such thing as this is good or only bad. There are always two sides to a story; the same goes for this. 

Both engine types have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

A 2-stroke 140cc dirt bike will be much faster than a 4-stroke 140cc dirt bike. But the disadvantage is that while you gain speed by quick acceleration, the top speed is not maintained. Its main gaining speed. It will also affect your control over the dirt bike. 2-stroke dirt bikes are generally harder to handle and maneuver at high speeds.

A 4-stroke 140cc dirt bike will give you both speed and control together. The top speed of your dirt bike will be stable, and 4-stroke engines can give more torque even at lower RPM.

Age Group to Ride a 140cc Dirt Bike For

Children above the age of 14 can ride 140cc dirt bikes, which is ideal for kids aged 14-16. They must be at least 5 feet tall to ride a 140cc dirt bike. 

Which Bikes Have the Best Components, Features, And Tech?

The Kawasaki KLX140 and the Thumpstar TCR 140-C are the best 140cc dirt bikes in 2023. They are very high quality and give you a premium performance for your price. 

Who Has the Best Clutch?

The Kawasaki KLX 140/L/G has a good clutch system. The 5-speed manual clutch is matched with the motor well, and you can change the gears smoothly without any issues. 

Who Has the Best Brakes?

The Kawasaki KLX140 and the Pitster Pro MXR 140 are dirt bikes with the best brakes. The Kawasa KLZ140 disc brakes on the front and the rear wheel provide quick stopping power no matter your speed. It will allow you to control the dirt bike well.

The Pitster Pro MXR 140 has double-disc brakes that deliver well. Anyone will feel safe on this bike. 

Which Bike is the Lightest?

Pitster Pro MXR 140, Thumpstar TSR140C, Piranha ZE 140, and the Kawasaki KLX 140 are today’s lightest 140cc dirt bikes. They weigh from 148-205 lbs.

Which One Makes the Most Power?

The Thumpstar TSR140C is the most powerful dirt bike. The YX140 engine boosts you and lets you fly on the ground, and it can also deliver up to 11+ HP.

Which Bike Handles Best?

The Kawasaki KLX140 is the bike that handles the best and will give you a very good performance overall. It is good in all aspects.

Who Has the Best Suspension?

The Kawasaki KLX140, TSR-140C, and Thumpstar TSR 140-C are dirt bikes with the best suspension. 

Which Bike is the Cheapest?

Piranha ZE 140, Pitster Pro, MXR 140 X-Pro 140cc, and the SRC 140 TR are the cheapest 140cc dirt bikes in the market in 2023.


Do 140cc dirt bikes have titles?

140cc dirt bikes do not have titles. Most new dirt bikes do not come with titles, although some states have them.

Which is the fastest 140cc dirt bike?

The fastest 140cc dirt bike is the Kawasaki KLX140G, which has a top speed of 70 miles per hour.

Are 140cc dirt bikes street-legal?

No, most dirt bikes are not street-legal because they don’t have the necessary features to pass the DOT test.

Can an adult ride a 140?

It is possible. You must ensure the dirt bike is large enough and the wheel size is big to support an adult.

What is the rider’s height for a 140cc dirt bike?

An average seat for a dirt bike is 32.5 in. The rider’s height should be about 5ft.