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6 Best 200cc Dirt Bikes in 2023 | Specs, Pros & Cons

200cc Dirt Bikes

There are so many dirt bikes to choose from today. Different CC has different purposes. It might seem too much work to go through them before you can pick and decide on one. Which is the best 200cc dirt bike? Can kids and adults ride this dirt bike? Which brand is the best one? It would help if you considered all these questions before taking the big step and buying one. 

Our Selection of Top 6 200cc Dirt Bikes in 2023

Figuring out which dirt bike is the best for you may seem challenging. We have listed the best 200cc dirt bikes in 2023 to go through and decide without any rush. 

1. Kawasaki KDX200

Kawasaki KDX200

The Kawasaki KDX300 is an enduro trail dirt bike with a 2-stroke engine. It is a lightweight beginner dirt bike with a bigger carb that gives it extra top-end power and over-rev with low-end torque, making this very suitable for trail riding.  

Sadly, this dirt bike got discontinued in 2006 due to the high demand for the product.

Pros of Kawasaki KDX200

  • Lightweight
  • Trail dirt bike
  • Powerful
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to ride
  • Affordable

Cons of Kawasaki KDX200

  • No longer manufactured
  • We will have to purchase through resale

Specifications of Kawasaki KDX200

Top Speed70-75 miles per hour
Weight220 lb
Horsepower28-30 HP
Torque25.2 lb-ft
Frame MaterialSemi-double-cradle tubular steel frame
Groud Clearance13.4 in
Seat Height36.2 in
Price$1,649 – $4,249

2. KTM 200 XC-W

KTM 200 XC-W

The KTM 200 XC-W is a 2-stroke enduro dirt bike for off-road purposes. This dirt bike is an excellent choice for kids who have outgrown mini dirt bikes and are looking for something more professional. It is an easy dirt bike, and the suspension is up to the mark. It can hold the weight of a 150-170 lb rider while going at high speeds over rocks and bumps.

Some new features are an electric starter, a stronger battery, a refined engine, an upgraded chassis, and more. It has a six-speed transmission, smooth gear shifting, and a comfortable dirt bike with effortless steering. 

However, they stopped making this particular dirt bike in the 2017 model year. Its next successor is the KTM 150 XC-W.

Pros of KTM 200 XC-W

  • Lightweight
  • Good for trail riding
  • Nimble
  • Smooth engine power
  • Amazing brakes

Cons of KTM 200 XC-W

  • Discontinued in 2017
  • Have to purchase through resale

Specifications KTM 200 XC-W

Top Speed70 miles per hour
Weight209.4 lb
Horsepower30 HP
Frame MaterialCentral double-cradle type 250crMo4 steel
Groud Clearance140 in
Seat Height37.8 in
PriceStarting at $2,560

3. Suzuki DR200S

Suzuki DR200S

The Suzuki DR200S is a dual sport dirt bike for off-road and on-road purposes. It is also easy for beginners to handle and ride. It has a 199cc air-cooled carbonate engine that gives you adequate power without being too overwhelming. 

It has an RM-Z styling that makes it look good on the road. The suspensions are comfy. The travel 8.1-inch suspension of the telescopic fork and single shock will allow you to ride on rocks and dirt quickly. The brakes work well and provide quick stopping smoothly.

Pros of Suzuki DR200S

  • Cheap to run
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight
  • Good brakes

Cons of Suzuki DR200S

  • Very basic
  • Low power
  • Not for everybody

Specifications of Suzuki DR200S

Top Speed70 miles per hour
Weight278 lb
Horsepower20 HP
Torque13 lb-ft
Frame MaterialSturdy high tensile strength steel pipe
Groud Clearance10.0in
Seat Height33.3 in
PriceStarting at $4,649

4. Beta 200 RR

Beta 200 RR

Its previous 125cc model designs beta 2000 RR. The 200cc comes with both an electric and a kickstart, and It has smooth and flawless carburation. Each gear has its setting and preference. The first gear is for tight spots and situations, and the second is for a slow trail. It’s durable and will give you a fantastic performance on the road. You will not regret buying this 200cc dirt bike.

Pros of Beta 200 RR

  • Lightweight
  • Good handling
  • Smooth gears
  • Slim

Cons of Beta 200 RR

  • Needs clutch work
  • Expensive

Specifications of Beta 200 RR

Top Speed80 miles per hour
Weight213.8 lb
Horsepower31 HP
Torque18.9 lb-ft
Frame MaterialMolybdenum steel double cradle
Groud Clearance12.6 in
Seat Height36.6 in
PriceStarting at $8,999

5. GasGas EC 200

GasGas EC 200

This dirt bike has gone through improvisation and has become better for the road. This enduro dirt bike has excellent engine power, and the torque provided is strong. It works well on rocky and rough terrain, and the low-end power is good. It did not struggle and could chug along at a decent pace. Torque allies have the extra power to boost through and over obstacles in the way without too much effort. 

The GasGas EC 200 has great balance and is a stable dirt bike. The chassis is comfortable and easy to maneuver as well. KTM acquired GasGas in 2019. 

Pros of GasGas EC 200

  • Lightweight chassis
  • Stable
  • Balanced ride
  • Good torque

Cons of GasGas EC 200

  • Expensive

Specifications of GasGas EC 200

Top Speed65.2 miles per hour
Weight222.6 lb
Horsepower38 HP
Torque24 lb-ft
Frame MaterialDelta type built using cromoly, rectangular tubes, and aluminum swingarms.
Groud Clearance12.6 in
Seat Height13.4 in
PriceStarting at $8,199

6. GasGas XC 200

GasGas XC 200

It is another enduro dirt bike by GasGas. This dirt bike is part of their 2019 XC lineup. 

The GasGas XC 200 is a versatile and powerful dirt bike. It comes with an improved electrical system and a greater battery capacity. It also features a double-switch engine map that you can use to alter between wet and dry terrain. 

This dirt bike also has upgraded graphics on its body, a red color that keeps and symbolizes the brand, along with black and white strokes. This new bike has positioned itself as one of the lightest dirtbikes available in the market, with additional changes made to the engine, frame, and suspension.

Pros of GasGas XC 200

  • Lightweight
  • It uses on wet and dry terrain

Cons of GasGas XC 200

  • Not cheap
  • Off-road only

Specifications of GasGas XC 200

Top Speed65.2 miles per hour
Weight235 lb
Horsepower38 HP
Frame MaterialDelta type built using cromoly, rectangular tubes, and aluminum swingarms.
Groud ClearanceN/A
Seat Height37.8 in
PriceStarting at $7,999

2-Stroke Vs. 4-Stroke 200cc Dirt Bike

2-stroke 200cc dirt bikes have recently been returned to the market by a few brands. New technology has allowed them to make the 2-stroke dirt bikes emit fewer emissions and smoke, which was a concerning issue. 

The new 2-strokes are powerful, and it’s all about the power and pick-up. They are also much lighter. Due to speed, it can be tough to control a 2-stroke dirt bike, especially if you are a beginner and don’t have much experience. 

4-strokes are a little bit heavier because they have a bigger engine. The overall speed might be slow, but it makes up for it with its top speed. It is more stable to handle at high speeds and gives the rider a sense of control. 

Age Group to Ride a 200cc Dirt Bike for?

Kids aged 14-16 can ride a 200cc dirt bike. Above that age, a higher cc dirt bike will be more beneficial for them. 

Even small adults or short people could ride a 200cc dirt bike. But this also depends on the weight and Height of the rider.

Which Bikes Have The Best Components, Features, And Tech?

The Kawasaki KDX200, KTM200XC-W, and Beta 200RR are 200cc dirt bikes with the best components, features, and tech. While KTM and Kawasaki have been around for a long line, they still make high-quality dirt bikes that appeal to the audience. Beta is an up-and-coming dirt bike brand that has been doing good for itself and slowly rises to the top as one of the dirt bike brands in recent years. They have constantly been improving and showing off their skills. 

Who has the Best Clutch?

The Kawasaki KDX200 and KTM 200XC-W are 200cc dirt bikes with the best clutch. The universal clutch by Mogo gives the Kawasaki smooth gear changing that will enhance its performance. The KTM uses the Pro X clutch system.

Who has the Best Brakes?

The Kawasaki KDX200 is the 200cc dirt bike with the best brakes. It has front and rear disc brakes that give you a powerful yet smooth stopping at high speeds without glitching.

Suzuki DR200S also has an excellent braking system. The front and rear drum brakes give you reliable stopping power. 

Which Bike is the Lightest?

The Beta 200RR, GasGas EC200, and KTM200XC-W are the three lightest 200cc dirt bikes in 2023. The Beta 200RR is213.8 lb, the GasGas EC200 is 222.6 lb, and the KTM200XC-W is 209.4 lb in weight. They either have steel or aluminum frames, which make them lightweight. 

Which One Makes the Most Power?

The GasGas EC200 and GasGas XC200 both have 30Hp each. It makes these dirt bikes powerful, giving you a high RPM and resulting in high-revving engines. 

Which Bike Handles Best?

The Beta 200RR and the Suzuki DR200S have the best handling. Both 200cc dirt bikes are lightweight and have comfortable chassis for the rider to sit on, and it is a circle of others you will not be able to ride properly. The steering head is also easy to move around and gives you reasonable control over the dirt bike. 

Who has the Best Suspension?

The GasGassXC200, Beta 200RR, KTMXC-W, and Kawasaki KDX200 have very good suspensions. They can easily ride on dirt, mud, sand, wooden paths, trails, and even rocky paths like mountains. 

The different suspension systems used will all give you the same result. Soft suspension that will absorb any hard bumps, and you can ride without any worry.

Which Bike Is The Cheapest?

The KTMXC-W, Kawasaki KDX200, and SuzukiDR200 are the three cheapest 200cc dirt bikes. 

Although the starting price for the Kawasaki and KTM might be low, the dealers will quote different prices based on their condition and maintenance. 


Do 200cc dirt bikes have titles?

No, 200cc dirt bikes do not have or come with titles.

Which is the fastest 200cc dirt bike?

The fastest 200cc dirt bike is the Kawasaki KDX200, which has a top speed of 75 miles per hour.

Are 200cc dirt bikes street-legal?

No, 200cc dirt bikes and most dirt bikes are not street-legal for various reasons.

Can an adult ride a 200?

A small or short adult can ride a 200cc dirt bike.

Riders Height for a 200cc dirt bike?

An ideal rider height of at least 5ft and above is the best.