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11 Best 300cc Dirt Bikes in 2023 | Specs, Pros & Cons

300cc Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes are a great activity and also great fun. Dirt bikes come in all ranges. You have to know which is best for you and your needs. Which brands are good? Which one has good features and specs? All of these are important things to take into consideration before purchasing a 300cc dirt bike. 

Our Selection of Top 11 300cc Dirt Bikes in 2023

If you are looking to upgrade from an older dirt bike or are going from a lower cc dirt bike and are planning to get a 300cc dirt bike, here are a few things you need to know beforehand. Below is a list of the best 11 best 300cc dirt bikes the top brands offer. The specs, features, pros, and cons carefully list everything you want to know about the dirt bike. 

1: Beta 300 RX

Beta 300 RX

The Beta 300 RX is a 2-stoke dirt bike released last year. It’s still pretty new in the market but has been getting positive reviews. It is also the only 293 motocross model in the Beta lineup.The features of this dirt bike include a hydraulically operated diaphragm-spring clutch. It is said to give you a lighter clutch pull that offers you more progressive control. The suspensions are also stiffer than before. The seat is 1 inch lower than before; this makes cornering and handling the bike much better. Another main feature is the new Kayaba (KYB) rear shock that a Japanese suspension manufacturer, in collaboration with Beta Italy engineers, has specially made.

Pros of Beta 300 RX

  • Reliable
  • Adjustable Compression
  • Rebound Damping
  • Lower Seat Height

Cons of Beta 300 RX

  • Quite Expesive

Specifications of Beta 300 RX

Top Speed55-60 mph
Weight235 lb
Horsepower39.9 HP
Frame MaterialMolybdenum steel/double cradle
Groud Clearance13.3 in
Seat Height37 in

2: Beta 300 RR

Beta 300 RR

The Beta 300 RR has designed by the Italian manufacturer’s RR model. It is a slightly cheaper version than the race edition. But still, the Beta 300 RR is a top-quality dirt bike with a premium price tag. If you plan to trail through the woods on single-track, then the Beta 300 RR is the right choice. 

The Beta 300 RR has a new look with its aesthetic graphics, gripper seat covers, large foot pegs, dual-compound rear sprocket, and hand guards. 

While usually, all 300cc two-strokes have the same feature and dimensions for the bore and stroke (72.0 x 72.0mm), the Beta 300 RR has a stretched-out bore by 1mm. The resulting oversquare configuration (73.0 x 69.9mm) now has a slightly shorter stroke. Not too much, but enough. 

The counterbalanced engine is smooth and quiet. The lighter flywheel and slimmer crank do not comprise the engine’s performance, making it a notify feature of the Beta 300 RR.

Pros of Beta 300 RR

  • Powerful Engine
  • Ajsutedable Front Suspension
  • Good Handling
  • Easy Control

Cons of Beta 300 RR

  • High Price

Specifications of Beta 300 RR

Top Speed60 mph
Weight228 lb
Horsepower54 HP
Torque28.4 lb-ft
Frame MaterialMolybdenum steel/double cradle
Groud Clearance12.6 in
Seat Height36.6 in

3: Husqvarna TE300i

Husqvarna TE300i

Husqvarna TE300i is a premium 2-stroke enduro dirt bike built explicitly for enduro competitions. Husqvarna TE300i has a different frame, shorter fork legs, a taller handlebar, and footpegs. Additionally, the suspension setting is specific for the dirt bike. This feature makes the dirt bike more suitable for tight trails, quick turning, and overall for hardcore terrain. The “i” in the TE300i stands for Transfer Prot Injected (TPI) engine. The TPI uses two injectors, and one is mounted on each cylinder side that sprays directly into the transfer port. Husqvarna TE300i oil is controlled and injected into the intake valve through a separate oil pump.

Pros of Husqvarna TE300i

  • High-Performance
  • Soft Suspensions
  • 26.5-Degree Steering Head Angle
  • Easy Handling

Cons of Husqvarna TE300i

  • Expensive
  • Not Beginner Friendly
  • Needs High Maintainance

Specifications of Husqvarna TE300i

Top Speed75-80 mph
Weight246 lb
Horsepower40 HP
Torque25.4 lb-ft
Frame MaterialCarbon composite subframe
Groud Clearance14.6 in
Seat Height37.4 in

4: Husqvarna TX300

Husqvarna TX300

The Husqvarna TX300 is a 300cc 2-stroke race dirt bike. The previous model was the 2017 version. Since then, it has seen an upgrade and has a collection of new and improved features. One of these includes an improved motor that gives you much more power. Because this is a race bike, proper power delivery is necessary. The bike is easy to control, has good traction, and is not too heavy.

Pros of Husqvarna TX300

  • Lightweight
  • Powerful Engine
  • Electric Start Button
  • Excellent Brakes
  • Excellent Suspension
  • Good Torque

Cons fo Husqvarna TX300

  • Expensive
  • Inaccurate Jetting
  • Aggressive Power Delivery
  • Not for Beginners

Specifications of Husqvarna TX300

Top Speed72.5 mph
Weight246 lb
Horsepower40 HP
Torque52.6 lb-ft
Frame MaterialChromium-molybdenum steel frame
Groud Clearance14.6 in
Seat Height37.4 in



KTM 300XC-W TPI enduro dirt bike designed for trails, bumps, humps, and rough terrain. It also has a bulletproof, fuel-injected engine that can give you lots of low-end torque and top-end power, and this is crucial when you are riding through challenging roads. 

The cylinder is a 72mm bore and fit to an advanced power valve that gives you smooth and easy control of the bike. Because this dirt bike is fuel injected, the downstream injection ensures the effect of atomization of the fuel with the upstream air. The firm suspension setting allows for a good performance, and the Dunlop tires give you an excellent grip over the ground.

Pros of KTM 300XC-W TPI

  • Dynamic Fuel-Injection System
  • Good Tire Grip
  • Excellent Braking
  • High-Performance

Cons of KTM 300XC-W TPI

  • Expensive
  • Not for Beginners

Specifications of KTM 300XC-W TPI

Top Speed85 mph
Weight229 lb
Horsepower51 HP
Frame MaterialAluminum profiles
Groud Clearance14.6 in
Seat Height37.4 in

6:KTM 300XC


KTM 300XC has a bigger tank, 18-inch rear wheel, soft suspension, and a cross-country map feature that compliments the off-road XC. The main highlight of this dirt bike is the fueling system. The all-new electronic fuel injection system replaces the Transfer Port Injection (TPI) system. This new design uses a 39mm Keihin throttle body, injectors, and a TPS sensor to improve engine idle and fuel-air mixture. This dirt bike is powerful and will give you an added advantage in any race or competition.

Pros of KTM 300XC

  • Powerful
  • Efficient Fuel Injection System
  • Soft Suspensions
  • Stable Control and Handling

Cons of KTM 300XC

  • Expensive
  • Not for Beginners

Specifications of KTM 300XC

Top Speed85 mph
Weight220 lb
Horsepower57 HP
Frame MaterialCentral double-cradle-type 25CrMo4 steel
Groud Clearance15.2 in
Seat Height37.5 in

7:TM MX 300 ES

TM MX 300 ES

TM MX 300 ES dirt bike comes with a 6-speed transmission engine with an eclectic power valve, eclectic starters as backup, and a manual kick starter. There is also a counterbalance on the crank and a Keihin carburetor.

The hydraulic clutch and Brembo brakes use with the 6-speed gearbox. The said gearbox also has a gear sensor that changes mapping based on each gear specifically. 

The dirt bike uses a 50/50 mix of pump gas and race gas. You can get the best dirt bike and a smooth and anticipated power delivery.

Pros of TM MX300 ES

  • Powerful
  • Comfortable to Ride
  • Electric Starter
  • High-Quality Brakes and Clutch System

Cons of TM MX300 ES

  • Expensive
  • For Advanced Riders
  • Off-Road Only

Specifications of TM MX300 ES

Top Speed70 mph
Weight220 lb
Horsepower54 HP
Frame MaterialAluminuium
Groud ClearanceN/A
Seat Height37.5 in

8: GasGas EC300

GasGas EC300

GasGas EC300 is a 2-stroke 292cc trail dirt bike with a 6-speed transmission. The dirt bike also comes with a headlight and tail light, and the counterbalance feature helps to reduce the otherwise noticeable vibration. The suspension is in WP Xplor 48mm spring forks and a WP Xact shock using linkage. This model dirt bike also has an Enduro computer that will display your speed, tracks, mileage, hours, and time of day.

Pros of GasGas EC300

  • Easy Maneuvering
  • New Tracking Feature
  • Comes with Handguards
  • Good Suspension
  • Smooth Handling
  • Electric Starter

Cons of GasGas EC300

  • Expensive
  • Slightly Heavy
  • No spark arrestor

Specifications of GasGas EC300

Top Speed84 mph
Weight235.9 lb
Horsepower50 HP
Torque26.1 lb-ft
Frame MaterialLightweight, laser-cut chromium-molybdenum steel
Groud Clearance13.4 in
Seat Height37 in

9: GasGas XC300

GasGas XC300

GasGas XC300 is a race-oriented dirt bike, and the bike holds up well mong rough terrain and gives the rider a comfortable ride. The new chassis is unique and made to be much lighter. The seat is longer and slimmer with a more narrow profile as it goes down towards the foot pegs.

Furthermore, the front and rear shocks are equally balanced, making it easy to ride on single-trail tracks and using premium components such as a hydraulic clutch. The bike can perform well.

Pros of GasGas XC300

  • Lightweight
  • Agile
  • Better Handling
  • High-Quality Components
  • New Upgrades

Cons of GasGas CX300

  • Only for Racing
  • High Price

Specifications of GasGas XC300

Top Speed84 mph
Weight235.5 lb
Horsepower50 HP
Torque26.1 lb-ft
Frame MaterialLightweight, laser-cut chromium-molybdenum steel
Groud Clearance13.4 in
Seat Height37 in

10: SHERCO 300 SE


The 2022 factory edition of the SHERCO 300SE comes with new body graphics. SHERCO is known for using top-quality parts and equipment for manufacturing dirt bikes. KYB suspension, FMF exhaust, AXP skid plate, Polisport handguards, Selle Dalla Valle seat, radiator fan, Brembo brakes, and hydraulic clutch are all examples of a careful selection of components they have used.

The motor of this dirt bike is its more prominent feature, allowing you to get traction and tractability when you need it. The overall performance is good, and you will enjoy riding this dirt bike.

Pros of SHERCO 300 SE

  • Agile
  • Ergonomic
  • Lighter
  • Powerful engine
  • Fun to ride
  • Good front and rear traction

Cons of SHERCO 300 SE

  • Highly-Priced
  • Not for beginners
  • Race focused

Specifications of SHERCO 300 SE

Top Speed80 mph
Weight224.9 lb
Frame MaterialSemi-perimeter chrome-molybdenum steel
Groud Clearance13.9 in
Seat Height37.40 in

11:TM E300ES


While the TM E300ES dirt bikes have known to have a higher price tag, it is well worth the investment if you truly want to show off your skill on a dirt bike. The 5-speed transmission is a new feature of this bike, and it has an electric power valve and an aluminum frame. TM makes the KTB front and rear shocks in-house and has a Keihin carburetor. 

The new motor is power and torquey, and the power delivery is smooth and does not come on as too aggressive either.

Pros of TM E300ES

  • Smooth
  • Powerful
  • Easy to handle
  • Race ready

Cons of TM E300ES

  • Needs race fuel
  • Rigid frame
  • Rare suspension can be harsh

Specifications of TM E300ES

Top Speed35-40 mph
Weight226 lb
Frame MaterialAluminium
Groud Clearance5 in
Seat Height37 in

2-Stroke Vs 4-Stroke 300cc Dirt Bike

If you want more power and speed, then a 2-stroke 300cc dirt bike is the best option. With new technologies that can reduce exhaust emissions, 2-stroke dirt bikes are returning. 2- stroke dirt bikes are also lighter and much easier for beginner riders to handle, and they also need more maintenance and gear shifting.

4-stroke 300cc dirt bikes have less shifting. It is powerful, and you can control it better than a 2-stroke. It is more stable and will be more suitable for long rides. They also require less engine maintenance.

Age Group To Ride A 300cc Dirt Bike For?

Kids above 16 years can ride a 300cc dirt bike, and even adults can ride a 300cc dirt bike. But don’t be mistaken; this dirt bike is not for new or beginner riders. If you have never ridden a dirt bike before and plan on starting now, you should opt for a lower cc one. That way, you will be able to learn it better and more easily. 300cc dirt bikes are best suited for professionals and experienced riders. 

Which Bikes Have the Best Components, Features, and Tech?

The KTM 300XC, Beta 300 RX/RR, Husqvarna TX300, SHERCO 300 SE, and GasGas XC300 are the best dirt bikes in 2022, with the best components, features, and tech. They are also reliable brands that have been around for some time. They have been consistently producing good-performing dirt bikes for decades and have consistently upgraded them to make them better and better. 

Who Has the Best Clutch? 

The KTM 300XC and Beta 300 RX/RR have the best clutch system. The KTM 300XC uses the Apico Die Cast Clutch Lever Blade Brembo clutch, giving it smooth and quick gear shifting. 

The Beta 300RX/RR uses the Wet multi-disc clutch, it gives a lighter pull and more progressive control. 

Who Has the Best Brakes?

The Husqvarna TX300, KTM 300XC-W TPI, and TM MX300 ES are 300cc dirt bikes with the best brakes. 

The Husqvarna TX300 uses hydraulic brakes. The KTM 300XC-W TPI and TM MX300 ES use high-tech Brembo brakes that are very reputable and well-known.

Which Bike Is the Lightest?

The KTM 300XC, TM MX300 ES, and Beta 300 RX are the lightest dirt bikes in the market. 

The KTM 300XC and TM MX300 ES weigh 220 lb. the Beta 300RX weighs 235 lb. 

Which One Makes the Most Power?

The TM E300ES, GasGas XC300, and TM MX300 ES are the most powerful 300cc dirt bikes. The motor is powerful, and it boosts the engine and gives you an improved performance.

Which Bike Handles Best?

The KTM 300XC, Beta 300 RX/RR, Husqvarna TX300, SHERCO 300 SE, and GasGas XC300 are 300cc dirt bikes with the best handling. They are light in weight, which makes them easier to turn and control. Furthermore, the slim and ergonomic frames contribute to this factor. 

Who Has the Best Suspension?

The KTM 300XC, Beta 300 RX/RR, Husqvarna TX300, and GasGas EC300 are 300cc dirt bikes with the best suspension. 

The KTM 300XC uses compression damping, and the Beta 300 RX/RR has a KYB AOS Closed Cartridge fork which is also adjustable. The Husqvarna TX300 and GasGas EC300 uses WP forks. 

Which Bike is the Cheapest?

The Beta 300 RX, costing around $9,199, is among the cheapest 300cc dirt bikes.


Is a 300cc Dirt Bike Good for a beginner?

No, a 300cc dirt bike is not suitable for a beginner.

How fast can a 300cc dirt bike go?

300cc dirt bike can go up to 100 mph depending on the make on model of the dirt bike.

Do 300cc dirt bikes have titles?

No, 300cc dirt bikes do not have titles.

Which is the fastest 300cc dirt bike?

The fastest 300cc dirt bike is the KTM 300XC-W TP, KTM 300Xc, and the GasGas XC300. They have a top speed of 85 mph.

Are 300cc dirt bikes street-legal?

No, 300cc dirt bikes are not street-legal.