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10 Best Automatic Dirt Bikes | Specs | Pros & Cons

10 Best Automatic Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes make hope for adventures seeker easy. If you enjoy that adrenaline drive without caring about the clutch, try your hand on these beasts. Riding off-road on these automatic dirt bikes is now more comfortable and convenient.

Riding a dirt bike itself is an enthralling experience—to put it up this, it is a dream of every bike enthusiast. If you have this dream, it is no longer your dream; it can be your reality. The ones beginning their off-road journey are going to be the most benefited. Automatic dirt bikes will make the field level playing for the young and experienced riders.

Clutch and gear made the job more difficult for the new riders. But now, with hassle-free driving, they will be better off learning the skills of posture, positioning, and throttling. What are you waiting for? Buckle up your helmet, fasten your riding gear, and live the dream with these automatic dirt bikes.

10 Best automatic dirt bikes

These automatic dirt bikes’ initial objective and purpose were to cater to the learning of young riders. But with time, many semi-automatic or fully automatic have become the mainstream. You will see many bikes on the list with small wheels and a width of body frames to accommodate initially targeted young riders.

With the rise of electric bikes, the demand for electric dirt bikes is gaining momentum. The electric automobile sector is setting its stones progressively. Many big market players, including the likes of Honda, Kawasaki, KTM and Suzuki, etc., are in the foray into the segment of automatic dirt bikes.

1. Zero FX 2022


The first one to make a list is “Zero,” which has been at the top of the game in the dirt bike manufacturing industry since its inception in 2006. Zero FX 2022 is the automatic version having its root from the DS and DSRs, and two of them have remained the chosen ones to date in the rider’s community.

Zero has ensured significant upgrades in the frame and structure of the bikes, making them more convenient for longer off-road riding time and concealing and protecting the engine from dust without compromising on the weight of the bikes.

Zero has stepped up the efforts to capture the clutchless dirt bike community by offering ZF7.2 battery backup to a 46 HP engine. 

The seamless riding starts with a brushless motor which accounts for 247 lbs with significant torque of 78l-b ft from 0 RPM. Depending on the usage, this powerpack battery may account for 65-90 miles of range. The battery also has an additional feature of fully charging within 10 hours. Try your hand on this automated beast with an MSRP of $11,995.

Pros of Zero FX 2022

  • Upgraded frame structure
  • Better battery backup
  • Efficient torque of 78l-b ft
  • Balanced controllers
  • Fast recharging outlet

Cons of Zero FX 2022

  • The range will be one of the drawbacks
  • Commutation will be limited
  • Frequent charging required

Specifications of Zero FX 2022:

Top Speed85 mph
Range100 miles
Weight133kg/293 lbs
Power46 hp ZForce 75-5 air-cooled motor
Frame Materialaircraft-grade aluminum
Groud ClearanceNot Available
Seat Height881 mm
PriceApproximately $11, 995

2. Kawasaki-KLX110R


You must have come across Kawasaki in the off-road vehicle segment before. Kawasaki is known for its diverse offering in terms of the amplitude of different specifications of dirt bikes. It has catered to the requirements of the dirt bike riding community for some time. Witnessing the current upsurge in automatic dirt bikes, Kawasaki laced up for this segment too. But if you’re looking for an automatic version, there is only the KLX110R on offer.

KLX110R stands at a moderate height of 26.8-inch seat height, which is significant from the kids’ perspective. If you want to experience the fully automatic adventure, leave your bike in third gear, which will do the job. 

The 4-stroke 112 cc engine will propagate enough adrenaline into your body. This bike is for you if you are customizing it as per your requirements as it provides ample room for any modification or upgradation. 

KLX110R is in the range of MSRP of $2,349, which is substantial considering the extended suspension and powerful drum brakes to uplift your experience.

Pros of Kawasaki KLX110R

  • Great piece of machine for young riders
  • Very efficient in trail riding
  • Light in weight
  • Efficient ergonomics

Cons of Kawasaki KLX110R

  • Can dent the bank account
  • Not for daily commutation purpose
  • Not for adult use but somewhat limited usage
  • Limited on-road capability

Specifications of Kawasaki KLX110R:

Top Speed48 mph
RangeNot Available
Weight76kg/168 lbs
Power7 hp @ 7000 rpm
Frame MaterialHigh-tensile steel
Groud Clearance215 mm
Seat Height680 mm
PriceApproximately $2,349

3. KTM FreeRide E-XC 2022


The Austrian-based company started its adventure of electric bikes with the kid-specific FreeRide SX-E 5, and this is the second model in the line. The 24 HP powerful engine is going to give you the expected stroke. E-XC is an automatic dirt bike with specifications to throttle up your rally experience. If you are looking for dirt bike trail riding or lazy riding, this might not be the best option available.

This automated beast comes with a heavy power backup of 3.9 kWh, which gives it a significant advantage for rally purposes, although it can last for 2 hours if used for trail objectives. 

E-XC has another technical advantage over its competitors because it provides an accessory charger with the bike, which results in charging it fully within 2 hours. KTM FreeRide E-XC comes with an MSRP of $ 11,099.

Pros of KTM FreeRide E-XC 2022

  • It has a steel-aluminum composite body
  • Emission-free
  • Noiseless driving experience
  • Fast charging within 2 hours for a full charge

Cons of KTM FreeRide E-XC 2022

  • Expensive
  • Seats are of hard material giving an uncomfortable feeling

Specification of KTM FreeRide E-XC 2022:

Top Speed50 mph
Range11.5 miles
Weight11kg/244 lbs
Power24.5 hp @ 5000 rpm
Frame Materialchrome-molybdenum steel and alumunium composite
Groud Clearance340 mm
Seat Height910 mm
PriceApproximately $11,099

4. Yamaha TT-R110E

Yamaha TT-R110E

Yamaha previously offered TT-R50E, a small off-roader for kids in terms of height. TT-R110E is going to be an upgraded version of the smaller version. If you want to begin your riding experience, this should be one of your favored options. Yamaha has significantly upgraded the power and performance in the new version compared to the earlier smaller version. 

Yamaha has introduced this power-packed 110 cc automated beast to encourage its riding experience among young riders. Yamaha is known for its flagship off-road YZ series, which remains one of the most favored picks in the riding community.

TT-R110E is the hybrid of the off-road YZ beasts and the new automatic dirt bike. It will give you the excitement of riding and living your dream without worrying about the clutch’s hassle. This clutchless specification makes the whole riding experience seamless for you. This 4-stroke automatic comes at an MSRP of $ 2,299.

Pros of Yamaha TT-R110E

  • An automatic gearbox enhances performance
  • 110 cc four-stroke engine is efficient for tails
  • MV16 carburetor increases the acceleration
  • CDI system paves for the seamless start of the vehicle

Cons of Yamaha TT-R110E

  • Not suitable for short height riders
  • Very huge frame structure
  • Difficult in controlling

Specifications of Yamaha TT-R110E:

Top Speed55 mph
RangeNot Available
Weight72 kg/159 lbs
Power7500 rpm
Frame MaterialSteel background and diamond-type design
Groud Clearance180 mm
Seat Height671 mm
PriceApproximately $ 2,299

5. Honda Africa Twin DCT 2022

Africa Twin

This Japanese-manufactured beast is the true definition of an automatic dirt bike. For all their off-road adventures, Honda has been a reliable option from time immemorial among the riding community. 

This automated ride comes with a monster power of a 1084 cc engine. From 2020 Honda upgraded its engine specification and added up DCT automatic stimulation, which helps in churning out and coping with a 105 HP-based engine. 

The Twin DCT comes with a solid extended suspension, which is very efficient for downhill riding. 

The clutchless riding will pave the way for an adventure-filled rally experience filled with excitement. The automated powerhouse also has an upgraded IMU, which makes for a balanced and protective ride for the younger riders. 

Twin DCT is worth a try if you are beginning your riding journey, enhancing everything you wish from a dirt bike ride. This power-loaded dirt bike comes with an MSRP of $15,299.

Pros of Honda Africa Twin DCT 2022

  • Engine efficient for mid-range performance
  • DCT gearbox for automatic transmission
  • Can also be beneficial for city commutation

Cons of Honda Africa Twin DCT 2022

  • Tubed tires
  • Reactive system rather than a proactive system
  • Slow-speed maneuvers are difficult to achieve due to auto-clutch

Specifications of Honda Africa Twin DCT 2022:

Top Speed133 mph
Range310.5 miles
Weight228kg/503 lbs
Power93.8 hp @ 7500 rpm
Frame MaterialSteel semi-double cradle type with high-tensile strength steel rear subframe
Groud Clearance250 mm
Seat Height870/850 mm
PriceApproximately $15,299

6. Apollo DB-X6

Apollo DB-X6

Apollo is one of the affordable automatic dirt bikes in the recent dirt bike industry. It differs from KTM, Kawasaki, KTM, or Zero based on the price point. Apollo makes your riding dream come true if you are in the budget category consideration. 

DB-X6 is an automatic dirt bike in midsize configuration powered by a 125 cc-power-packed engine to boost your performance. 

A tubular steel framework with a rear and back disc braking system strengthens the bike. Apollo is a decent option from the other available mid-ranged trail bike options considering its reliability and configuration.

DB-X6 has a 4-stroke engine in place with a single-speed transmission. If you want a twist-and-go experience of the dirt bikes, then try your hand on these. There is the minimal effort required for riding one of these automated machines, and the hassle-free cruising experience is just too good for the price point. Depending on retailers, you can take home this power pack for just $ 850.

Pros of Apollo DB-X6

  • A most affordable option for automatic dirt bikes
  • Power-packed performance-based engine
  • Efficient mid-range trail option

Cons of Apollo DB-X6

  • Reliability
  • Inexperience
  • Light weight makes it more difficult to balance

Specifications of Apollo DB-X6:

Top Speed35 mph
RangeNot available
Weight77.5Kg/171 lbs
Power10kW @ 9500 rpm
Frame Materialsingle tube high-strength steel
Groud Clearance267 mm
Seat Height700 mm
PriceApproximately $850

7. Suzuki DR-Z50

Suzuki DR-Z50

Suzuki initially launched its DR-Z110, which was comparable to the Kawasaki KLX110. But they have stopped its production and instead focussed on this DR-Z50 model. The targeted audience of DR-Z50 is the young riders initially stepping into this field. 

DR-Z50 outlines all kid-centric specifications from the throttle controller to a 49 cc engine. The height of just 22 inches will make it uncomfortable for adult riders. This automatic dirt bike ticks all the boxes for protection and safety, and unlike the other available single suspension, it has a 3-gear stroke engine.

The automatic thrill can be fully enjoyed in the second gear and has enough power to adjust the throttle required for an exciting dirt ride. Putting on the second gear alone will give it enough thrust to settle for. It will be an ideal bike to be hassle-free and to learn the nuances of riding a dirt bike. It becomes an excellent and worthy choice with an MSRP of $ 1,799.

Pros of Suzuki DR-Z50

  • Power-packed competitive performance
  • Single-speed transmission
  • Race proven technology
  • Automated gearbox

Cons of Suzuki DR-Z50

  • Lack of spare part
  • Lack of replacement option
  • Expensive in terms of other competitive products

Specifications of Suzuki DR-Z50:

Top SpeedNA
Weight54kg/119 lbs
Power24.5 hp @ 5000 rpm
Frame MaterialSteel
Groud Clearance340 mm
Seat Height558 mm
PriceApproximately $1,799

8. KTM 50 SX


KTM has been significantly sought after for its off-road performance, and it is stepping up its efforts to enter the domain of automatic dirt bikes. In terms of available options, very few are there, including the likes of 50 SX and FreeRide, etc. Among that also, only internal combustion engine-based automatic versions of the dirt bikes are solely 50 SX.

KTM is known for its accessories and suspension—combining that with the essence of single automatic transmission makes it one hell of a machine. The 50 ccs 2 stroke variant is not for adult riders but has specifications for younger audiences. The reliability over SX 50 increases by manifolds looking at the WP plush suspension.

SX 50 will be pricey compared to the other available Japanese options. But the advantage it will provide in terms of competitive features is significant and worth the MSRP tag of $4,449.

Pros of KTM 50 SX

  • One of the best lighter option
  • Lightest 4-stroke automatic bike available
  • Longevity
  • Durability

Cons of KTM 50 SX

  • High on maintenance
  • Very fast for kids
  • Very noisy

Specifications of KTM 50 SX:

Top Speed45 mph
RangeNot Available
Weight41.5 kg/91.5 lbs
Power5.5 hp
Frame Materialdouble-cradle with central-tube frame
Groud Clearance252 mm
Seat Height665 mm
PriceApproximately $4,449

9. SSR SR110TR


SSR is one of the most growing motorsport brands in the USA. In terms of their experience, they have been the distributor for Benelli products in the States. Their most sought-after offering is this SR110TR.

This SR110TR is significant regarding the semi-automatic engine in place for its transmission. It will bridge the gap between the fully-automatic and manual dirt bikes. It will also be convenient and significant for manual riders who hope to switch to fully automatic.

SR110TR comes with a highly efficient 107 cc 4-stroke engine manufactured by Lifan. It also has a single automatic transmission and disc brake technology in place. 
To sum it up, if you wish to enjoy this moderate and light automatic dirt bike, leave it in third gear and enjoy clutchless riding. Compared to other available options, it comes a bit expensive, with an MSRP of $1,764.

Pros of SSR SR110TR

  • SSR are larger than usual dirt bikes
  • Very light and easily transportable
  • Parts are affordable
  • Maintenance is easy and affordable

Cons of SSR SR110TR

  • Not for adverse or rough terrain
  • Do not have the adventure jump and berm
  • Stock tires are not dirt ride friendly

Specifications of SSR SR110TR:

Top Speed34 mph
RangeNot Available
Weight147 lbs
Power7.0 hp @ 7,500 rpm
Frame Materialdouble bar steel frame
Groud Clearance254 mm
Seat Height721 mm
PriceApproximately $1,764

10. Electric Motion Escape R

Electric Motion Escape R

This Electric Motion Escape R is unique from all the above-mentioned automatic dirt bikes, with excellent comfortable design, riding comfort, and upgraded maximal performance. It is a perfect balance to make your riding experience remembering-worthy.

This lightweight powerhouse of only 188 lbs gets powered by a 125 cc engine that can reach the top speed of 44 MPH. It has a motor that can empower up to 20 HP, which is significant considering the bike’s weight. 

It has a power backup of 2.62 kWh battery with a hydraulically suspended diaphragm. A DC-powered permanent magnet motor powers it. It is also equipped with a disc braking system. This unique automatic vehicle costs an MSRP of $ 10,500.

Pros of Electric Motion Escape R

  • Unique body design
  • Hydraulically suspended diaphragm assists the balancing.
  • Maximal performance

Cons of Electric Motion Escape R

  • Uncomfortable for traditional riders
  • Lower height

Specifications of Electric Motion Escape R:

Top Speed47 mph
Range38 miles
Weight14 Kg/187.5 lbs
Frame Material15CDV6 steel tubes and micro fused pieces in 25CD4S
Groud Clearance320 mm
Seat Height820 mm
PriceApproximately $10,500

How to choose the best automatic dirt bike?

It is essential to consider outlining factors to choose an automatic dirt bike. A few of them are as follows:

  1. Size of the dirt bike: Size is a significant factor of consideration if you are beginning your riding journey. It is essential to choose a suitable-sized bike to match your height; the right height increases the ability of your performance. The size of the bike varies following various factors, including the CC of the engine. Beginner riders need to opt for 125 or 150 CC engine variants.
  2. Dirt bikes for kids: Certain lower-seated and lower-sized dirt bikes are used for training purposes for kids. Usually, the dirt bikes oriented for the kids have 50 CC-powered engines. The good thing about these bikes is they have limited power and speed options which accounts for the protection and safety standards for the kids.
  3. Experience and Skill Level: Depending on your experience and skill level,  you can opt for more than 125 CC engine-powered dirt bikes. Suppose you have experience with manual dirt bikes. In that case, it is advisable that if you wish to switch to automatic dirt bikes, then it is better to opt for semi-automatic dirt bikes first, which will help to accommodate you to the clutchless, gearless experience.
  4. Range: Range has become an essential factor of consideration for electric vehicles. Most automatic dirt bikes nowadays are also electric as these off-road machines are very bulky and power-consuming; your requirement should opt for an efficient ranged vehicle. Usually, automatic dirt bikes have an average range of 50-60 miles.

If you want to get an automatic dirt bike, then do have all these in mind, but do try your hands on these assisted adventure-worthy machines.


1. What is an automatic dirt bike?

An automatic dirt bike is a clutchless vehicle system with integrated automatic gear stimulation. These are similar to that automatic bikes.

2. How is it different from manual dirt bikes?

In manual dirt bikes, the rider has to take extra care of adjusting gear following the terrain to have a seamless ride, but in automatic, the gear gets adjusted automatically according to the throttle.

3. What is the difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic?

Semi-automatic consists of an assisted clutch system, but the gear has to be changed manually. And the fully automatic has both clutch and gear integrated automatically.

4. How fast does a 125cc Dirt Bike Go?

The maximum speed attained with a 125cc dirt bike is between 55 and 60 mph. The output produced by these engines is significantly low compared to other competitive options.

5. Are automatic dirt bikes reliable?

Automatic dirt bikes are not a recent discovery; they have been used for training since time immemorial by the riders. The commercial use of the mechanical models has just started, so these are reliable machines.

6. What is the difference between a 2-stroke engine and 4 stroke engine?

The two-stroke variants primarily have two primary functions, including combustion and compression. The maximum speed that can be reached with it is 60 mph but the 4-stroke variants are less powerful than these, so the top speed that can be reached in those is 50 mph.