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9 Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

When it comes to kids, no parent wants to compromise, and many kids are fascinated with dirt bikes. In fact, the dirt bikes are a charm for thrill-seeker kids. And there can be no denial that kids learn a lot while going through such adventurous rides on rough terrains—it adds to their growth.

With the introduction of electric dirt bikes, many parents and kids have shifted their attention to such bikes, which come in an eco-friendly manner. The electric dirt bikes enable the parent to fulfill their child’s desires without paying a hefty amount.  

There are many reasons for a parent to invest in their child’s dream and get an electric dirt bike for their kid. The e-dirt bike can help the parent forecast whether it’s just a fascination or the kid is really interested in the sport. 

Having an e-bike lets your kid indulge in adventures without affecting the atmosphere, and the kid does not have to worry about visiting a gas station for refueling. And the controlled speed prevents any significant severe injuries.

Our selection of top electric dirt bikes for kids in 2023

As it seems, buying an electric dirt bike for kids is not easy; it’s daunting. You can’t pick any random bike. 

There are many things that a parent needs to consider before choosing an electric bike for their kid. So, before opting for the dirt bike for your kid, you need to be very specific about the height, tires, weight, gearing, seat comfortability, safety locks, and other bike features.

Here is a list compiled of some of the best electric dirt bikes to make your selection easy, and you can choose the right fit for your kid.

1. Apollo DB-10 Electric Motorcycle


The Apollo DB-10 is an affordable and attractive dirt bike, a worthy alternative to Suzuki or Honda—powered by petrol. 

The 500w dirt bike offers a perfect cruise over bumps and speed on rough terrains. The thick knobby tires and the bike’s authentic look are an excellent charm for kids. The use of
OEM Universal parts makes the bikes easier to repair, replace or swap parts. 

The bikes come in three riding modes. The rider can ride the bike at 15 mph top speed. The beginners can take it approx 9 miles in a single charge, but the experienced riders need more. 
The switch on the bike’s battery component automatically adjusts the speed to 7 mph or 4 mph manually. It runs on a single gear, and the disc brakes perform well to stop the bike.  So, overall the bike is suitable for beginners.

Pros of Apollo DB 10

  • The universal parts make repair easy,
  • Attractive look,
  • Knobby tires for better grip

Cons of KTM Freeride E-XC

  • Offers 9.4 miles in one charge
  • No display

Specification of Apollo DB 10

Age Range 5-9 years
Top Speed15 mph
Range9.4 miles per charge
Weight66 lbs
Battery12 Ah
Manufacturer Apollo Motors USA

2. Kuberg Cross X-Force Pro 50


The Kuberg Cross X-Force Pro 50, an electric dirt bike by Kuberg, entails essential features to make your kid an expert at riding in rough terrain. 

The total electronic adjustable throttle response and acceleration allow the rider to progress at their pace. The bike is agile, light, and powerful, giving the rider an experience of hassle-free riding. 

The Kuberg Volt app allows riders to connect the bike to their smartphone to reconfigure its performance.  The riding modes can be freely configured with the app. 

On max power setting, the rider can ride for one hour, and with minimal settings, the rider can ride for three hours.

The acceleration can get constrained to six different power settings to make up with the kid’s skill level. And the bike offers a 34 mph top speed. A  safety kill switch with a wristband disengages the motor when pull3d out, and thus you rest ensured for your child’s safety.

Pros of Kuberg Cross X-Force Pro 50

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to balance
  • Good for stunts

Cons of Kuberg Cross X-Force Pro 50

  • In top setting, can run for only one hour.
  • Expensive

Specification of Kuberg Cross X-Force Pro 50

Age Range 6-12 years
Power8000 W
Top Speed34 mph
Range1 hour on max setting
Weight73 lbs
Battery22.2 Ah
Seat Height24.6 inches
Price$ 4,399

3. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket


Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket is another yet powerful addition by Razor to the list of electric bikes. The top-notch features of the bike make it different and appealing to many of the budding riders in the market.

The chain-driven electric bike has a single speed controlled by the twist grip throttle to deliver quiet but powerful performance. The knobby tires provide a better grip on the surface. But the supporting spring and chain may become weak sometimes.

As per the manufacturer, the bike’s frame geometry suits kids aged 13+ kids and up to 140 lb (64 kg). But it is more suitable for 5-8 year kids. The bike lets the rider enjoy and explore their fantasy of riding a dirt bike. With the super quiet nature of the bike, the rider does not disturb the surroundings.
The bike offers acceleration without pedaling up to 14mph with 30 minutes of continuous use. The high torque provides easy cornering and riding through steep terrain.

Pros of Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

  • Good for all terrains
  • Knobby tires
  • Chain-driven
  • High torque

Cons of Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

  • Need assembling

Specifications of Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

Age Range13+ years
Power350 W
Top Speed14 mph
Rangeup to 30 minutes
Weight48.92 lbs
Battery24V (two-12V each)
Seat Height24.6 inches
Price$ 379.99

4. Razor MX 400 Dirt Rocket


Razor MX400 is just the upgraded and newer version of MX 350, so it is slightly bigger. The 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires work to provide better grip on the surface and maximum power transfer. 

The high torque motor has a chain-driven system. A 13-year-old kid can comfortably ride the bike, but the taller kids could face trouble because of the low seat level. However, the recommended weight for the bike is 140 lbs.

With the support of twisted throttle control, the bike offers a range of 14 mph. The adjustable handlebar can be adjusted as per the kid’s convenience to provide a comfortable riding position, and the retractable kickstand offers comfort and safety to the kid. But, the absence of dual-suspension can hinder providing a smooth ride to the kids.

It takes 12 hours to charge the battery completely.

Pros of Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket

  • Twisted throttle control
  • Adjustable handlebars

Cons of Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket

  • Single gear speed capacity
  • No dual suspension

Specification of Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket

Age Range13+ years
Power400 W
Top Speed14 mph
Rangeup to 30 minutes
Weight62.5 lbs
Battery24V (two-12V each)
Seat Heightabout 22.5 inches
Price$ 379.99

5. Razor SX500 McGrath


One more addition of the Razor products is the Razor SX500 McGrath, honored after Jeremy McGrath—known as the “King of SuperCross.”

The handy features and specifications of the bike make it rider-friendly. The creation for little champions incorporates dual suspension and riser handlebars, the large pneumatic knobby tires for better gripping on the surface, a retractable kickstand, and dual disc brakes (hand-operated). 

The tires work to offer a smoother ride to the rider.

The bike’s top speed is 15 mph, and the steel frame construction makes the bike ready to rock the dirt. With 40 minutes of continuous use, the rider kid can enjoy the adventure to the fullest. The battery takes 12 hours to charge. 

McGrath’s design and graphics make the heads turn. Though the manufacturer claims the bike is for 14+ kids, it is more suitable for 8 to 12.

Pros of Razor SX500 McGrath

  • Dual suspension
  • Knobby tires
  • 15 mph speed
  • Smooth ride

Cons of Razor SX500 McGrath

  • 12 hours charging time

Specifications of Razor SX500 McGrath

Age Range14+ years
Power500 W
Top Speed15 mph
Rangeup to 40 minutes
Weight98 lbs
Battery36V (three-12V each)
Seat Heightaround 24.5 inches
Price$ 659.99

6. Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket


This creation of the Razor is designed to produce more power for uphill and off-road conditions. So, Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket is enriched with features that let your kid sharpen the skill. 

The 36-volt battery offers a run of one hour on a single charge, and the 650-watt electric motor can reach a speed of 17 mph. Though the speed can be manually adjusted, the kid can be more interested as they learn the different bike controls.

The adjustable riser handlebars ensure comfortability by adjusting them as per the kid’s height. The rider gets the command over the bike with hand-operated front and rear disc brakes and twist-grip acceleration. The battery takes 8 hours to charge.

Along with the performance, Razor also focuses on the kid’s safety. So, you rest assured that your kid is safe while riding. The bike looks like a kiddo motocross bike and easily attracts many budding riders.

Pros of Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket

  • Appealing design
  • Many features
  • Good battery backup
  • Easy control

Cons of Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket

  • Long charging time

Specifications of Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket

Age RangeCan carry a weight of 220 lb
Power650 Watt
Top Speed17 mph
Rangeup to 1 hour
Weight98 lbs
Battery36V (three-12V each)
Seat Heightaround 24.5 inches
Price$ 749.99

7. Burromax TT250 Electric Dirt Bike


The recreational bike—Burromax TT250, incorporates large-diameter aluminum alloy wheels accompanied by 12.5-inch pneumatic tires and rear disc brakes. The bike’s features give the rider experience of adventure in their comfort zone.

The adjustable wide handlebars offer better control to the rider, and the adjustable monoshock rear suspension and telescopic front forks work to provide a smoother ride regardless of the surface.

The 250-Watt motor with a 24V SLA deep cycle battery power system is enough for the riders. And the rider can manually select the top speed as per the skill level at 7 mph or 14 mph

The bike is capable of going a run of 12 miles, and it takes 8 hours to recharge the battery. The tires have the twist-grip acceleration to provide better control to speed. 

The bike can accommodate up to 250 lbs weight and kids of any age, and the Burromax training wheels keep the kids safe.

Pros of Burromax TT250

  • Good for adults and kids
  • Gripping tires
  • Provide 12 miles ride

Cons of Burromax TT250

  • 8 hours to charge

Specifications of Burromax TT250

Age RangeCan carry a weight of 250 lb
Power250W 24VDC high torque BDC motor
Top Speed14 mph
Range12 miles
Weight54.6 lbs
Battery2- 12V 7Ah batteries
Seat Height21 inches
Price$ 499

8. Kuberg Start


The Kuberg start is the most suitable for the smallest riders. The small kiddos can enhance and sharpen their riding skills with fully adjustable speed and capabilities with the bike.

As the bike has no seat, the raised handlebars provide support while riding on mild to moderately rough surfaces. As it’s just for small kids, so one cannot expect the bike to offer high-quality components as in the adult bikes like the Freerider.

The low height of the bike lets the small kid adjust easily and have a comfortable riding position. The wi-fi connectivity allows the parents and riders to monitor the bike’s riding condition set via Kuberg’s mobile app. But to enjoy the wi-fi capabilities, it’s essential to connect the Streamport adapter.

It takes 6 hours to charge the battery from zero to full and gives a range of one hour ride in the max setting.

Pros of Kuber Start

  • Easy to balance (because of the low center of gravity)
  • Lightweight

Cons of Kuber Start

  • Only one hour of riding time

Specifications of Kuber Start

Age Range3-5 years
Power1 kW
Top Speed15 mph
Range1 hour
Weight45 lbs
Battery9 Ah
Seat Height16 inches
Price$ 1,599$ 1,599

9. XtremePower US


The deluxe-sized mini dirt bike is suitable for kids, teens, and adults up to 140lbs. The features entailed in the bike make it perfect for off-road adventures.

The hydraulic front and back suspension offer a smoother riding experience regardless of the surface. The all-steel frame and bike geometry give the authentic dirt bike look, and the pneumatic knobby tires provide an excellent gripping over the surface.

Focusing on the kid’s safety, the bike has a built-in parental control 3-speed that can be adjusted by key (5mph, 9mph, 17mph).

The high torque enables the rider to reach up to 17 mph. However, the bike’s speed depends on the rider’s weight and the terrain.

Pros of XtremePower US

  • Parental control adjuster
  • Better at the surface
  • Good for kids and adults up to 140 lbs

Cons of XtremePower US

  • A bit heavy

Specifications of XtremePower US

Age Rangeup to 140 lbs weight
Power500 Watt
Top Speed17 mph
Range1 hour
Weight74 lbs
Battery36V, 8Ah Li-on
Seat Height24 inches
ManufacturerXtremePower US
Price$ 1,599$ 469

10. SAY YEAH 24V500W Dirt Bike

SAY YEAH 24V500W Dirt Bike

SAY YEAH, the chain-driven electric dirt bike entails features that make it one of the best dirt bikes in the market. 

The battery-powered electric moto-cross bike offers three selectable speeds with a key lock. So, the speed ranges between 5-15 mph without pedaling, and the speed options and control over the speed provide kids with extra safety measures. 

The bike is suitable for 13+ aged kids or up to 150 lbs weight, and the strong grip tires make it a perfect fit for off-road.

The dua suspension provides a smoother ride and lets the rider enjoy the bumps over the surface. It takes 4-6 hours to get the battery fully charged with one hour ride.

Pros of SAY YEAH 24V500W Dirt Bike

  • Selectable speed choices
  • Better and easy control

Cons of SAY YEAH 24V500W Dirt Bike

  • One shock at the rear

Specifications of SAY YEAH 24V500W Dirt Bike

Age Range13+ years or up to 150 lbs
Power500 Watt
Top Speed15 mph
Range1 hour
Weight66 lbs
Battery24 volt
Seat Height23 inches
ManufacturerSAY YEAH
Price$ 1,599$1460

How to choose an electric Dirt Bike for your Kid?

Choosing a dirt bike for kids is always daunting for parents because, along with the kid’s desire, the parent has to consider several things. Let’s understand some of the essential points before opting for a dirt bike for your kid.

  1. Quality:

Quality is what is of utmost importance. The good is the quality, the kids will have more comfort while riding. The electric dirt bikes are off-road on the rough terrain, so the bike should have robust built quality. 

The broader the tires, the better is grip on the surface and a perfect balance. The bikes having dual suspension provide a smoother ride despite bumps. 

When you are worried about your child’s safety, you can prefer bikes with parental control, which will allow you to adjust the speed as per your child’s capability. Most electric bikes pay attention to the protection of the kid.

Preferring adjustable handlebars is also good, as they can be adjusted as per the height and comfortability of the kid.

  1. Durability:

Durability is another yet crucial factor to consider. When you invest a hefty amount in buying such bikes, you should not compromise on durability, and the bike should be capable of withstanding different terrain conditions.

  1. Brands:

When buying an electric dirt bike, you can’t just pick any. You need to research and find out the top brands producing such bikes. Razor is a well-known brand when it comes to electric bikes. There are many more, but you need to look at which suits your need.

Choosing a reputable brand assures that you have qualitative features that will suit your kid.

  1. Price: 

Price can confuse you, as you have to consider your budget too. So, you need to estimate the price and look for the one in your budget. Most electric bikes come in the range of $250-$500; you can expect to get a good quality bike.

But going too low with the prices can lead you to choose a low-quality bike with minimal features, which may not suit your kid.

  1. Reviews:

Reviews can help you a lot and are part of the research. Reading the reviews online can help you a lot—you come to know about the brands, bikes, pros and cons of the bikes, tips of handling, and after-sale support of the brand. So, it’s always good to consider the reviews. 

  1. Aesthetics: 

The looks of the bike matter—it can make your kid fall in love with the bike or distract them. So, consider the bike’s looks as per the kid’s choice. The design and decal should be attractive enough to impress the rider.

  1. Weight and height: 

The weight of the dirt bike should be as per the age, weight, and height of the kid. The heavier bikes can lead to mishandling. 

While choosing the height, the kid should be able to rest the feet flat on the ground and must have no problem getting on or off the bike.

  1. Range:

Range determines how far or for how long the bike will run. Though the electric bike for kids does not have a high range, you can choose the best you prefer for your child. The child-friendly especially focuses on young riders. So, the bikes have a range suiting the child’s needs and safety as per the age.

Choosing the right size of electric dirt bikes for your kids

When it comes to size, it’s essential to choose the right as per the kid’s size. Too large or too small bike’s size can hinder riding. Here is the chart that can help you to choose the right size.

Seat HeightKid’s Height
15 or shorter3’5” or shorter
15 to 183’9
19 to 214’0
21 to 254’ 2
23 to 264’ 4
24 to 274’ 6
24 to 284’ 8
25 to 294’ 10
27.5″ or taller5′ or taller


1. Why should you get an electric kid’s dirt bike?

Having an electric dirt bike for your kid can always be a good investment. The electric bike has many advantages; some are 
Fumeless and eco-friendly
Great usability
Low maintenance

2. How fast is an electric bike for kids?

10-15 mph

3. Can kids use e-bikes?

Yes, the kids can you e-bikes—specially designed for kids.

4. Can a 10-year-old ride a dirt bike?

Yes, the kids’ dirt bike.

5. What age is a 110cc dirt bike for?

A 110cc bike is most appropriate for a 12-year kid, but it also depends on their height. So, the kid should be 66-84 cm in height.

6. Can a kid ride an electric dirt bike on the road?

No. It is illegal to ride a dirt bike on the road as they don’t entail the accessories and equipment to ride on the road.