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Top 10 Powerful Electric Dirt Bikes 2023

Best Electric Dirt Bikes

Imagine dashing through off-roads without doing any harm and intoxicating the environment. 

Dirt bikes have always been a charm for thrill-seekers, but when it comes with an eco-friendly twist, it adds a boon to the riders’ choice. 

With no emission and minimal sound, the electric dirt bike delivers power and speed without compromising the adventure. The significant revolution in the off-road motorcycle has made riding on rough terrain more progressive.

Stark Future founder Anton Wass Says in an interview:

“We can build an electric motocross bike, and we can out-perform the fastest fuelled bikes of today.”

A few years back, the riders had limited choices for electric dirt bikes. But, seeing the demand and usefulness, companies started producing more electric dirt bikes. So, the riders now have a handful of options to choose from, and it is the best time to invest.

Our Selection of Best Electric Dirt Bikes in 2023

With substantial numbers of e-dirt bikes present in the market, riders can choose one meeting their need without squeezing their wallet. But choosing any randomly is never a good option, and as a rider, you need to look for all aspect that meets your requirement. 

Here are some of our top selections for electric dirt bikes from which you can choose one sufficing your riding requirement. The bikes listed are among the best excelling in range, speed, power, and performance.

1. KTM Freeride E-XC

KTM Freeride E-XC

The latest revolutionary bike features a brushless 18kW synchronous motor in modern FREERIDE chassis with WP XPLOR front and rear suspension. It makes the bike agile to offer the best offroad mobility. 

KTM Freeride E-XC features the updated brake system of 2021, making it master to provide adventure in different terrains. The new battery, 3.9 kWh, gives 50% more capacity than the earlier versions.

The giant laced wheels 21”/18” embraced with anodized aluminum rims provide a rider-friendly experience. Once charged for 80 minutes, the bike has the capability to give a ride of 60-90 minutes (depending on the terrain).  However, it takes 110 minutes to charge completely and 75 minutes to charge 80%.

The rider can effortlessly switch from an electronic clutch to electric progressive braking with a lever push.

The moisture sensor shuts down the motor on detecting any moisture. So, riding in deep water is not going to work with Freeride. 

The bike incorporates every feature that you expect from a top-endurance bike. The stylish design and efficient features let the bike make its place in top e-dirt bikes.

The bike is good for only short race sessions or casual rides, not for going miles.

Pros of KTM Freeride E-XC

  • Lighter, smaller, and quieter
  • Fast charging
  • Enhanced brakes and modulation
  • Best for beginners

Cons of KTM Freeride E-XC

  • Limited to certain miles
  • Limited weight capacity (not suitable for overweight riders)

Specification of KTM Freeride E-XC

Top Speed50 mph
Range11.5 miles
Weight111kg/244 lbs
Power24.5 hp @ 5000 rpm
Frame Materialchrome-molybdenum steel with bolt-on forged aluminum sections
Groud Clearance340 mm
Seat Height910 mm
PriceApproximately $11,099



Another yet perfect combination of features for suiting your trails and capable of tackling anything it gets into is the ZERO FX bike. With long-legged suspension and dual sport equipments, the bike is an ideal e-dirt bike.

The bike comes with pre-programmed Eco or Sport modes. The Zero motorcycle app lets the rider customize the performance and showcase the detailed ride stats.

The bike can reach an incredible top speed of 136 km/h and is efficient both on and off roads.

The bike can take you 45 miles along the trails on a single charge. With ZERO FX, the rider stays carefree for finding a charging station. A simple 110-volt outlet can let the rider charge the bike without hassle.ZERO FX offers an “Instant tank.” The hot-swappable batteries let the rider go from empty to full in just swaps. Recharging the empty battery with off-board charging accessories offers uninterrupted riding.

Pros of ZERO FX

  • No heavy and complicated, expensive cooling system
  • Swappable battery
  • Good for both city rides or off-road
  • Greater range and performance

Cons of ZERO FX

  • Slight heavy

Specifications of ZERO FX

Top Speed85 mph
Range46 miles
Weight131kg/289 pound
Power46 bhp
Frame Materialaircraft aluminum
Seat Height881 mm
PriceFrom $11, 595

3. CAKE Kalk OR 


Hitting the dirt with purely off-road bikes adds more adventure to the thrill-seekers. CAKE Kalk or race is among the best electric dirt bike. 280 Nm electric instant torque, robust build, and super lightweight make the adventure more feasible.
The power to weight formula offers superior performance and rough terrain. Its realtor-futuristic design grabs the attention of many riders. The bike combines lightweight, agile, clean, and quiet characteristics. With a single charge, it offers top speeds of over 80 km/h. The bike takes 3 hours to get 100% charged and 2 hours for 80%.

Pros of CAKE Kalk OR

  • Lightweight, agile
  • Compact
  • Offer endless riding possibilities
  • Great build quality

Cons of CAKE Kalk OR

  • Costly
  • Limited tire choice

Specifications of CAKE Kalk OR

Top Speed+90km/h
Range80 km
Weight69 kg/152 lb
Power15 bhp
Frame Materialaluminum
Groud Clearance300 mm
Seat Height910 mm
Price$13, 500

4. Light BEE X

Light BEE X

The dual-motor sportbike is made by the electric motorcycle company Sur-Ron.

Light Bee X encompasses tons of fun for the riders riding in different terrains. This entry-level dirt bike can offer a ride of 60 miles on a single charge (depending on the riding mode).

The lightweight aluminum frames with high-spec components make the bike lighter. 

The bike offers a climbing ability of over 45 degrees to 100 km. The hydraulic calipers with metallic brake pads and 103 mm disc provide safe halting to the bike. 

The 6 kW power and 250 Hm torque in SPORTS mode tackle jumps and bumps efficiently. The bike takes 3 hours to get fully charged.

Pros of Light BEE X

  • Lightweight
  • Provides a 45-degree climbing angle
  • Incorporates a strong engine

Cons of Light BEE X

  • Quite less powerful

Specification of Light BEE X

Top Speed50 mph
Range100 km
Weight47kg/ 103 lbs with battery
Power9.4 hp
Frame MaterialAviation grade aluminum
Groud Clearance270 mm
Seat Height84-88 cm
Price$ 5,900

5. Bultaco Brinco R

Bultaco Brinco R

The bike comes in three riding modes—Eco, Tour, and Sport. The pedals provide the experience of independent cycling. With the brand’s epicyclic gearing system, the rider can alter the gear ratio using a heel. 

The rider can maintain consistent power levels with the power control feature. The bike is for the riders who don’t like to ride on public roads so that they can take the bike out of the trail. The bike offers the rider to cover a distance of 100 km on one charge.
Bultaco Brinco R has no noise, no kick start, and no hot exhaust, so it provides the rider to tid3e the electric bike in stealth mode.

Pros of Bultaco Brinco R

  • Produce no noise
  • Long travel adjustable suspension
  • Pedal assisted
  • Responsive brakes

Cons of Bultaco Brinco R

  • Lack kickstand
  • In the pedelec world, it’s a bit heavy

Specification of Bultaco Brinco R

Top Speed60 kmph
RangeUp to 96 km (in Eco mode)
Weight39 kg/ 86 lb
Frame Materialaluminum
Seat Height1061 mm

6. Kuberg FreeRider

Kuberg FreeRider

The bike comes in two motor outputs—8Kw and 12 Kw. Both the bikes are lightweight and adjustable for both adults and teens.

When recharged for 2.5 hours, the bike can cruise at a top speed for one hour. The wi-fi ready feature enables the rider to sync the bike with the app, turning the e-bike into a smart bike.

The customization in the bike makes it rider-friendly. So, the rider can adjust the power, height, and wheelbase as per their needs.

With massive power and a quiet electric motor, you can enjoy the thrill without disturbing the surroundings. The mobile app allows the rider to connect the bike wirelessly to their phone. The bike takes 2.5 hours to charge.

Pros of Kuberg FreeRider

  • Lightweight
  • Entail adjustable features
  • Clutchless one-speed transmission
  • Great for stunts

Cons of Kuberg FreeRider

  • Integrated head-up display
  • Can run for one hour with one charge

Specification of Kuberg FreeRider

Top Speed55 km/h
Rangeup to 1 hour
Weight36 kg/ 79 lbs
Frame Materialsteel
Seat Height86 cm
Price$ 6,199

7. SEGWAY X260


The lightweight of the bike makes it suitable to ride in any terrain. The easy-to-master and low-maintenance attributes make it a performance bike for every rider.

Among the ample features, some highlights of the bike include—smartphone connectivity, swappable batteries, and LED headlights. 

The batteries can be exchanged in seconds, so the rider gets a tension-free ride. The lightweight of the bike aids the rider in enjoying the adventure fearlessly. The latest in-house developed suspension makes off-biking powerful yet keeps your comfortability tuned.
The bike is enhanced with a dual-drive system consisting of a Primary Drive System and a Secondary Drive system. The drive system works to improve the torque power of wheels and prevent the chain from dropping out. The battery took 4 hours to charge fully.

Pros of SEGWAY X260

  • Swappable batteries
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Offers effortless ride

Cons of SEGWAY X260

Specification of SEGWAY X260

Top Speed25 and 45 kmph
Range120 km
Weight54kg/ 121 lbs
Power6.7 hp
Frame Materialaluminum alloy 
Groud Clearance269 mm
Seat Height760 mm

8. Stark Varg

Stark Varg

The high-performance off-roader bike comes with a massive torque of 937 Nm. With the “Flying V” cell design, Varg has successfully delivered the world’s most energy-dense battery system. 

The battery is fully charged within one to two hours and provides an uninterrupted riding of six hours. The minimal sound of the bike lets the rider enjoy the adventure without disturbing the neighbors and harming the environment.

The bike’s features make it the most versatile and advanced electric dirt bike in the market. The 100 riding modes enable the rider to customize the bike as per their riding skills easily. The rider gets five modes actively installed on the bike.

The Stark Varg app lets the rider adjust the power from 1 to 80 hp in just a few seconds. 
The bike incorporates seven different stock settings within a 5 kg margin. So, the rider can opt for the suspension, suiting their weight and ability.

Pros of Stark Varg

  • Lightweight
  • 100 riding modes
  • versatile

Cons of Stark Varg

  • Quite expensive

Specifications of Stark Varg

Top Speed
Rangeup to 6 hours
Weight110 kg/ 242 lbs
Frame Materialsteel with carbon subframe

9. Kawasaki KX250

Kawasaki KX250

The 2022 model of the bike has undergone many updates. Thus it gives fierce competition to other bikes in the market.

With excellent handling on cornering and riding straight, the bike’s features add confidence to the rider’s ride. Besides its heavyweight, the bike is agile on rough terrain. The upgrades to the frame and engine make the bike rider-friendly for intermediate to pro-level riders.

The hydraulic clutch provides a more direct feel and lighter lever action. The thicker handlebars lessen the transmission of vibration and shocks to the rider.

Pros of Kawasaki KX250

  • Updates make it a perfect dirt bike
  • Smooth engine

Cons of Kawasaki KX250

  • Stiff suspension
  • Heavyweight

Specifications of Kawasaki KX 250

Top Speed76 mph
Weight108 kg/ 238 lbs
Power39.5 hp
Frame Materiallightweight aluminum perimeter frame
Groud Clearance335mm
Seat Height950 mm

10. Armotia Due X

Armotia Due X

The bike is capable of holding any challenging condition. Despite the track, the rider enjoys the adventure to the fullest. The three riding modes available lets the rider tune the traction.

The high-power li-ion battery can provide a 1 hour 20 minutes of uninterrupted riding. The features of the bike give the rider a fantastic riding sensation both on-road and off-road.
The integrated smartphone features let the rider make videos, keep track of riding performances, or share the route of riding.

Pros of Armotia Due X

  • Three riding modes
  • Good suspension

Cons of Armotia Due X

  • Quite expensive

Specifications of Armotia Due X

Top Speed80kmph
Rangeup to 1 hour 20 minute
Weight126 kg/277 lbs
Frame MaterialSteel trellis
Groud Clearance320mm
Seat Height910 mm
Price$12, 930

Things to know about electric dirt bike

Before getting hands into buying an electric dirt bike, the rider must know certain things to ensure they get the best suiting their need. 

  1. Range: It is the distance or the time the bike covers in a single charge. The range of the bikes depends on many factors like the terrain surface, type, and battery capacity. So, if the rider needs to travel long distances, he/she must ensure the range of the battery is good to go or prefer bikes having a swappable battery feature.
  2. Weight: It is something that decides the riders’ comfortability in riding. Generally, it’s preferred that heavy riders should opt for a heavy-weighted bike and vice versa.

    But the electric bikes come with adjustable suspensions so that the rider can tune their riding dynamics as per their requirement, and the rider does not have to worry about the weight.

    But, the riders should go with a test ride and check the weight he/she is comfortable with.

  3. Power: The lesser is the bike’s powertrain, the more suitable it is for entry-level, inexperienced, and young riders. However, the riders with experience should go for high-powered bikes.


1. Which is the fastest electric dirt bike?

Stark Varg

2. How fast does a 36v electric dirt bike go?

It depends on the surface and weight of the bike. A 36v e-dirt bike can go as fast as 20 mph on a smooth road. However, it can go as fast as 15-18 mph on rough terrain.

3. Are electric dirt bikes better?

The electric bikes undoubtedly are better as they let the rider attune to the environment.

4. Should I get an electric dirt bike or gas?

The e-dirt bike gets powered by a lithium-ion battery which helps in saving operating costs. On the other hand, a gas dirt bike gets powered by either a two-stroke or four-stroke engine, so it has more power. 

Electric bikes are expensive and easier to maintain than gas dirt bikes. So, as per your preference, you can choose any. But if you are someone who looks for environmental betterment, you should prefer electric bikes.

5. How far can an electric dirt bike go?

The range of dirt bike depends on the battery. But you can expect 20-25 miles in a single charge from most e-dirt bikes.

6. Who makes the fastest electric dirt bike?