Republic Day Mega Ride

26th Jan 2024

Red Carpet, Nalasopara on Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway


 Event   Overview

  • Meeting Point: Near Fountain Hotel ,
    Ghodbunder at 6:30 am
  • Flag off at 7 am
  • Flag Hoisting at 8:30 am
  • Stage Event after Flag Hosting
  • Breakfast from 9 am to 10:30 am
Event Overview


  • Flag Off:

    Bikers will line up and roar into action at the stroke of 7 am. This will embark on a thrilling ride which will be around 30 min / 20 min max. So, rev your engine and get ready to roll at the break of the dawn.

  • Flag Hoisting:

    As the clock ticks 8:30 am, our Chief Guest will host the flag, casting its colour into the sky—a testament to the strength and unity that binds us all.

  • Breakfast:

    Soon after the flag hosting, our delectable breakfast feast will satisfy your hunger and fuel up your day.

  • Gifts Distribution:

    To embrace the moment and add an extra layer of excitement and meaning to the event, we will take the stage for the exchange of gifts.

  • Gifts for Participation:

    Participating clubs will be honoured with a token of appreciation as a gesture of gratitude for their enthusiastic involvement.

  • Other Gifts:

    There will be exciting surprises with a special token of appreciation and recognition to others like the ‘Biggest Club.’

  • Goodie Bag:

    Before heading to the post-event journey, every rider will get a goodie bag as an appreciation for being part of the event

  • Concluding the Event:

    At the clock strikes 11 am, we will bid farewell to the unforgettable event with many memories to cherish. “The finish line is the beginning of the new adventure!”


 Goodie   Bag

To make it wow! the Goodie Bag will have an assortment of surprises, like shirts, caps, helmet bags, and other surprises worth 500 to 1000 for each participant. So, get ready to unwrap the excitement

 Club   Benefits

Gold Member

20 Plus Riders

  • Assurance at Best: 100% refund of registration fees if 20+ riders join the event
  • Capturing the Essence: Admin group epic photoshoot
  • Defining the Banner: One club banner with logo
  • Digital ‘About’ page of the club with an easy-to-access QR code
  • Majestic Welcome: Grand welcome on entry
  • Step In and Be Amazed: A special announcement at entry
  • Freezing the Moments: Premium personalised photos and videos
  • The Sight to Embrace: Club flags fluttering proudly at the event venue
  • Amplifying Your Reach: Social media collaboration and boost posts with your unique #Tags

Platinum Member

50 Plus Riders

  • Everything from Gold Membership+ Exclusive Perks
  • Personal convoy vehicle is also permitted. So, get ready for your unique branding.
  • An extravagant welcome with your group flag flying high.
  • Enjoy a complimentary breakfast ride on us, coming soon after the event
  • A personal dedicated photographer assigned to the club throughout the event to capture every moment.
  • Seize the spotlight with 5 minutes of stage time
  • Commendation on Stage: Momenteno for the group on stage
  • Wear Your Pride: Exclusive T-shirt featuring the club’s logo
  • Showcasing the Club’s Aura with a 2 Min AV time based on the video provided by your club

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