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How Fast Does a 100cc Dirt Bike Go? 4 Ways to Make it Faster

How Fast Does a 100cc Dirt Bike Go

We’ve all wondered how quickly those stylish 100CC dirt motorcycles can move. Their humming engine sound, onlookers, and other elements are indeed fascinating. And riding on those dirt bikes is a thrilling experience, where you can cherish the extreme sportiness it makes you feel. Dirt motorcyclists adore daring stunts and high-flying bikes, but all of that comes after sheer practice, coordination, and dedication. In general, a more experienced young dirt bike racer would want more speed from their bike, wouldn’t they?

So, how fast does a 100cc dirt bike go? What could be their highest speed, and is there a chance for a race car to outrun it? Engine stroke, which is what one needs to identify the bike’s weight, turns out to be an identifying factor for the bike’s top speed too! Two strokes engines are generally heavy, then four strokes, and enjoy speed and power a lot better! 

How Fast Does a 100cc Dirt Bike Go?

Focusing on the mini dirt bike version, which is primarily 50cc, their average top speed is around 25-50mph. Adult dirt bikes, whose engine capacity ranges from 100cc-200cc, can churn out 50-70mph. All these are in perfect condition, where roads are too good to accelerate. 

Remember, a dirt bike is majorly for off-roading and adventure! The usual track and surfaces to ride the bikes are gravel paths, mud, river, sand, and many other challenges. They are designed to excel in hard road conditions very beautifully! 

Therefore, the type of engine one uses and the horsepower strength determines the top speed of the bike. For understanding how fast a 100cc dirt bike goes, the engine capacity is the essential thing to consider! The engine uses fuel to perform better; the more engine capacity, the higher power it provides. 

2 Stroke V. 4 Stroke 100cc Dirt Bike

The difference between two and four-stroke dirt bikes majorly lies in the weight and power. When looking at the two-stroke 100cc dirt bike model, they are usually lighter in weight. Plus, in terms of the power-to-weight ratio, they are quite superior.

However, when talking about four-stroke 100ccdirt bikes, the power-to-weight ratio is a little lesser! The two-stroke bikes rev significantly faster than the four-stroke ones and have reduced mass, torque, and inertia.

4 Ways to Make a 100cc Dirt Bike Go Faster

1: Change the Compression Ratio 

Bike enthusiasts know that a little change in the compression ratio impacts a lot. It turns the bike performance a lot better with just a slight tuning. It is one of the parameters that help to fine-tune your engine and make the best power out of it. 

2: Personalization Works

One key thing to do is personalize and modify your dirt bike. But, you should carefully understand the basics of modification before proceeding. Since one mistake can decrease the overall performance of your bike. Learn the basics of suspension, gearing, and weight distribution. When you understand the basics, make a modification that improves the riding experience. 

3: Change to a Perfect Tire

It makes a lot of difference when you change your bike tire! You can work on changing the gear, suspension, and even the engine. But the right-sized tires can work wonders! It will allow your bike to have a firm grip. It will work better on the surface and ground when the tires are accurate. You can go a lot faster by using the right power from your dirt bike. 

4: Upgrading the Exhaust

The most affordable thing to increase the speed of your 100cc dirt bike is upgrading your exhaust. It intends to reduce the bike’s weight and enhance its speed. Start by changing the air filter with a high-performance driver filter. It improves the airflow, enhancing the speed. Move on to upgrading your dirt bike gear for speeding up the wheel. Tuning your exhaust will lead to an overall upgrade to your bike! 

Is a 100cc Dirt Bike Good for Off-Roading?

Yes, a 100cc dirt bike may seem good enough for off-roading. However, a much higher version of CC is required to navigate smoothly on rugged terrain or long distances. A higher-power dirt bike has the best ergonomics, too, and is comfortable for lengthy touring. 

Higher cc bikes are made to handle rough terrain, with very terrific ground clearance. There are dirt bikes equipped with all-terrain or off-road tires too. Off-road bikes are the best combination of strength and power. These bikes can work on any route and show wonders. 

Is a 100cc Dirt Bike Good for Kids?

Making sure your kids get the right bike size is essential. It will enhance their riding experience and make them feel excited. For kids from 7-12-years old, the ideal bike has to be around 50cc to 110cc. Plus, the right size and weight of the bike are also an active and safer way of enjoying riding. It adds to the peace of mind too, which is why a comfortable size bike is essential. 

List of 4 Fastest 100cc Dirt Bikes

These are the list of bikes with the perfect blend of durability, performance, power, and engine. You can expect the bikes to work like wonders and give you the most memorable riding experience.

1: YamahaYZ85

Yamaha YZ85 is built for fun, with the new version adjusted for higher strength and rigidity! Plus, it gets a Single-cylinder, two-stroke 85cc engine. It is a benchmark for getting the most out of your small displacement dirt bike! 

2: Honda CRF100

The CRF100 is a class masterpiece of the Honda 100cc dirt bike range! It’s easy to ride and ideal for kids and adults. The CRF100F gets a 100cc air-cooled 4-stroke engine, making you experience a super reliable and smooth ride! 

3: Kawasaki KX-100

Kawasaki KX-100 is one durable, powerful, highly exceptional dirt bike. Your aspiring racer dream gets completed with this 99cc two-stroke engine. It gives a perfect blend of power, and comfort, that makes you ride like never before! As per the rider’s preference, it allows you to tune in the front and rear suspension.

4: Honda XR100 

Introducing Honda XR100, a 100cc air-cooled 4-stroke trail bike. This off-roading beast is simply, yer reliably with great powers. It is designed for teens, adults, and even women who want to have the fun of riding. It is a good size dirt bike, easy to control, and keeps you excited throughout your ride. 

 List of Brands Making 100cc Dirt Bikes

Here is a list of the top brands that make 100cdc dirt bikes. Let’s have a look. 

  • Yamaha
  • KTM
  • Husqvarns
  • Kawasaki
  • Honda

Wrapping up 

Choosing the right dirt bike for yourself and knowing how fast does a 100cc dirt bike goes is essential. Since you want to make your riding experience not only fun but also challenging. More experienced racers prefer more power and engine from the bike. Plus, the dirt bikes are designed to ride smoothly on the off-roads. The better you can control the bike, the better you can expect its performance.


What is the top speed of a 100cc 4-stroke dirt bike?

4-stroke is a slightly heavier model compared to the 2-stroke 100cc bike, and therefore, its speed limit and performance are slower. On average, 4-stroke 100cc dirt bikes can hit up to 45-55mph top speed.

What is the top speed of a 100cc 2-stroke dirt bike?

The two-stroke engine on a 100cc dirt bike can reach up to 100 km/h (62 mph). Compared to the four-stroke, the power and engine are slightly high.

Is a 100cc dirt bike ideal for adults?

Adult-sized dirt bikes are a lot taller and heavier in terms of seat height and performance. Therefore the engine displacement is around 230cc to 450cc for adult bikes.

How tall is a 100cc dirt bike?

The seat height of a 100cc dirt bike is usually in the range of 26- to 29-inch range. The bike’s weight usually ranges from 120 pounds to 170 pounds when the tank is full.

Which is the Fastest 100cc Trail Dirt Bike?

The most renowned Japanese maker, Kawasaki, introduced the faster 100cc dirt bike, Kawasaki KX100. This one enjoys a top speed of 65mph under favorable conditions.

Is a 100cc dirt bike good for a 10-year-old?

Yes, definitely, for an average 10-year-old, a 100cc dirt bike is ideal. Especially if your kids want to have fun while riding in the trial, an excellent gas-powered or electric dirt bike will be a good deal.

Is a 100cc Dirt Bike Good for Off-Roading?

For a total beginner, a 100cc dirt bike is a good company for off-roading, Off-road bikes are a great combination of power and strength, and there are decent bikes in that range.