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How Fast Does a 175cc Dirt Bike Go? 4 Ways to Make it Faster

how fast does a 175cc dirt bike go

There are many CC dirt bikes all over the world. A regular adult-sized dirt bike will have a CC range of 230cc-450cc, and kids’ dirt bikes will have a CC range of 50cc -150cc. How fast does a 175cc dirt bike go? To improve the performance of your dirt bike, you can upgrade it and give it a few personal modifications. 

How Fast Does a 175cc Dirt Bike Go?

A 175cc Dirt bike has a top speed of 80-86 miles per hour. Kids aged 14-16 can ride a 175cc dirt bike. It is one of the best beginner dirt bikes available in the market, and it is a great start for your riding journey. You can even sign up for competitions if you are really good.

These dirt bikes have a good speed, which can be improved by making changes to your dirt bike model. Upgrading its parts to higher quality ones will change the performance of your 175cc Dirt bike and give you a better top speed. You can go faster.

2 Stroke V. 4 Stroke 175cc Dirt Bike 

The fastest a 2-stroke 175cc dirt can go is up to 80 miles per hour. The fastest a 4-stroke 175cc dirt bike can go is 65 miles per hour. 

2-strokes are high-revving, so they create a lot of noise and are very loud. However, because they are lightweight engines, they will have a better acceleration rate and speed pick-up. You will be able to reach the top speed very fast, and this might make controlling the dirt bike difficult for inexperienced riders.

A 4-stroke 175cc dirt bike has a different engine build. They are environmentally friendly and provide significantly fewer gasoline fumes than a 2-stroke would.

They have a high RPM and provide powerful torque. Many riders strongly prefer the control and handling in a 4-stroke. It is because you can perform tricks and take sharp turns by going at high speeds, and quick maneuvering is crucial. 

4 Ways to Make a 175cc Dirt Bike Go Faster

1: Understand How the Vehicle Works First 

Before you go ahead with any modifications on your 175cc dirt bike, take a step back and look at it. Do you understand how it works? The mechanism, the parts, and what are they for? 

You should first learn and get a sense of how a dirt bike operates. Once you have a deep understanding of this, you can slowly modify your dirt bike to make it faster and better.

2: Modify the Compression Ratio to Enhance the Speed

Increasing the compression ratio for your 175cc dirt bike will boost your dirt bike’s speed. A high compression ratio will give your dirt bike more speed and torque. 

Once you have made this change, you will need to reconsider the kind of fuel you are using. You will now need to use high-octane fuel for your 175cc dirt bike. 

3: Use a Bigger Sprocket to Increase Acceleration 

Changing your rear and front wheel sprocket will help you gain more speed. Use our small sprocket for the back wheel and a larger sprocket for the front wheel. Installing a larger front sprocket will have more teeth, making the chain revolve around it faster and creating more acceleration.

4: Modify the Ignition System to Have a Quicker Start

The ignition is what gets the dirt bike going. If it doesn’t spark immediately and ignite the light in the engine that you will struggle and have a slow start. If your igniters’ control angle is too small, you should change them to more suitable ones. 

Is a 175cc Dirt Bike Good for Off-Roading?

Yes, a 175cc dirt bike is a good off-road dirt bike. These dirt bikes come with good mileage and speed range, making them durable and fulling dirt bikes for outdoor activities. 

Two Fastest 175cc Dirt Bikes

1: Kawasaki KDX 175

This dirt bike began getting into the market in the 1980s. It is a 2-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled engine with an rpm of 9000. It was a remarkable dirt bike that re-wrote the way suspension is. 

2: Yamaha DT175

The Yamaha DT175 has 14.00 HP (horsepower) and can reach speeds up to 75.2 miles per hour. It first came out in 1974 but got discontinued in 1981. 

They stopped making the 2 175cc dirt bikes mentioned. But you can find dealers and buy a second-hand one that has been preserved. 

List of Brands Making 175cc Dirt Bikes

Currently, no brands are making and manufacturing 175cc dirt bikes. The next best dirt bike to buy is a 200cc or 250cc one, and these dirt bikes are also very good newbies.


If you want to know, how fast does a 175cc dirt bike go? The answer is 60-85 miles per hour. The era of 175cc has passed. If you would like to purchase a 175cc, you will have to find a second-hand dealer who has maintained it well and buy it from them.

175cc dirt bikes a good for off-road use, and a 4-stroke one will give you much better handling. Kids aged 14 and above can ride a 175cc dirt bike, and they are very good for beginners and are lightweight and slim. 


What is the top speed of a 175cc 4-stroke dirt bike?

The top speed for a 175cc 4-stroke dirt bike65 miles per hour.

What is the top speed of a 175cc 2-stroke dirt bike?

The top speed for a 175cc 2-stroke dirt bike is 80 miles per hour.

Is a 175cc dirt bike ideal for adults?

Yes, adults can ride a 175cc dirt bike, and kids aged above 14 can also ride a 175cc dirt bike.

How tall is a 175cc dirt bike?

The average seat height for a 175c dirt bike is 90 inches.

Which is the fastest 175cc trail dirt bike?

The fastest 175cc trail dirt bike is the Kawasaki KDX 175.