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How Fast Does a 400cc Dirt Bike Go? 4 Ways to Make it Faster

How Fast Does a 400cc Dirt Bike Go

A 400cc dirt bike is a great choice for people looking into getting into this particular sport. How fast does a 400cc dirt bike go? To make your dir bike faster, you can make personal modifications to increase its overall performance and look. You also have to understand how a dirt bike works and make sure it gets regular maintenance to keep it in working condition. 

How Fast Does a 400cc Dirt Bike Go?

A 400cc dirt bike has an average top speed of 87 miles per hour. But the speed can vary between different dirt bike models because each is engineered differently. 

Adults and teenagers above 16 can ride 400cc dirt bikes, and it is because a 400cc dirt bike is very powerful and will also be heavy, and you, as the rider, have to be able to handle its weight well.

Saying this, younger teens with previous experience riding dirt bikes can try their hand at a 400cc dirt bike and see how it goes. Experience and skill are key when it comes to riding a dirt bike. 

2 Stroke V 4 Stroke 400cc Dirt Bike

A 2-stroke 400cc dirt bike has a speed of 87 miles per hour, while a 4-stroke 400cc dirt bike has a top speed of 70-80 miles per hour. It is because their engine types are different, and this will affect their average speed. 

A 2-stroke engine is lighter and smaller, making the dirt bike lighter and allowing it to pick up speed faster.

A 4-stroke dirt bike allows for more control. You get more stability when riding at high speeds and dodging obstacles.

4 Ways to Make a 400cc Dirt Bike Faster

1: Good Quality Fuel Will Give You a Better Performace 

Using fuel that is not suitable for the engine or using fuel that is a lower octane fuel than the requirement. If you compromise on this, then it can hinder the speed of your 400cc dirt bike. Always use high-quality gas recommended by manufacturers depending on the type of motocross dirt bike you own.

2: Use Correct Sized Tyres

It is the simplest and easiest modification you can make to your 400cc dirt bike to make it faster. You have to use the right size tyres, and this will allow the tire to grip the ground better and not lose traction. 

Different types of tyres are made for different uses, including off-road, racing, and on-road use. Using the wrong type of tire on the wrong terrain will damage the tire, and you could risk a blowout.

3: Open the Valve to Increase the Airflow

Opening the valve of your 400cc dirt bike will allow for more air to flow into the engine. And this will make your dirt bike go faster. Camshafts are responsible for air intake by opening and closing the valve. So by upgrading to a high-performance camshaft, you will be able to make your dirt bike breath much better and easier.

4: Tuning and Maintenance to Keep it in Top Condition

Regular check-ups and cleaning sessions are a must for any mechanical vehicle. You should read the manual that comes along with your dirt bike. It will help you understand how each part works and operates. Lubricating with oil will allow your dirt bike to perform smoothly without any problems.

If you don’t take care of your dirt bike, especially if you use it often, its performance will decrease because it is getting worn out. 

Is a 400cc Dirt Bike Good for Off-Roading?

Yes, a 400cc dirt bike is good for off-road tracks and adventures. They provide enough speed and mileage for long-distance rides and are comfortable to operate on difficult terrain.

Different models make different dirt bikes with different off-road features, so choose wisely which one will suit your riding needs.

List of 2 Fastest 400cc Dirt Bikes

Suzuki DR-Z400SM

The Suzuki DR-Z400SM has a top speed of 114 miles per hour, but it is more comfortable to ride this dirt bike at 94 miles per hour. 

It is a very good dirt bike that can handle messy conditions well. It also has an appearance that makes it looks like a cross between a dirt bike and a street bike which gives it a unique look. It has a 4-stroke engine, a slim frame, and a lightweight chassis.

Beta 390 RR-S

The Beta 390 RR-S has a top speed of 60 miles per hour. This 400cc dirt bike has a good throttle response and rpm range, gives the rider a comfortable experience and has smooth power delivery. It also has an electric starter that is a good addition for people who dislike kickstarts. 

List of 4 Brands Making 400cc Dirt Bikes

  • KTM
  • Beta
  • Suzuki
  • Yamaha


A dirt bike’s performance and speed can be affected in many ways. The tyres, wheels, gas, etc. How fast does a 400cc dirt bike go? A 400cc dirt bike has an average speed of 87 miles per hour, but the Suzuki DR-Z400SM has a top speed of 114 miles per hour. It can depend on the specifications of the dirt bike.

A 2-stroke and 4-stroke 400cc dirt bike have varying speeds due to the engine type. But there is not much difference.

Teenagers above 16 can ride this dirt bike. It is a powerful 400cc dirt bike and requires some expertise to control. Adults can also ride this high-powered dirt bike and have fun with it!

You can make your 400cc dirt bike go faster by keeping it in good condition, putting in the right tyres, and ensuring that it has enough air to deliver to the engine. A faultless dirt bike will never let you down. 


What is the top speed of a 400cc 4-stroke dirt bike?

A 400cc 4-stroke dirt bike has a top speed of 80 miles per hour.

What is the top speed of a 400cc 2-stroke dirt bike?

A 400cc 2-stroke dirt bike can read speeds up to 87 miles per hour.

Is a 400cc dirt bike ideal for adults?

Yes, a 400cc dirt bike is ideal for adults; even teenagers over 16 can ride a 400cc dirt bike.

How tall is a 400cc dirt bike?

Each seat height for a dirt bike can vary due to the person’s height.

Which is the fastest 400cc trail dirt bike?

The fastest 400cc dirt trail dirt bike is the Suzuki DR-Z400SM. It can reach up to 114 miles per hour.