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How Fast Does a 110cc Dirt Bike Go? 5 Fastest 110cc Dirt Bikes

How Fast Does a 110cc Dirt Bike Go

Without question, riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding a street bike or a dirt bike; something is thrilling when the wind hits you at the pace you’re going. But how quickly can a 110cc dirt bike travel? What sort of factors should you take into account before making a purchase? 

A motorbike intended for off-road use is a dirt bike. Compared to other motorcycle varieties, dirt bikes often have smaller engines and lighter frames, making them easier to control in challenging terrain. Additionally, they often have wider tires with more tread, which improves their traction. 

It’s crucial to think about your usage while considering buying a dirt bike. For instance, you might seek a bike with suspension that can withstand challenging terrain if you want to do a lot of off-road riding. So, if you are looking for a dirt bike, it might be a question for you, how fast does a 110cc dirt bike go? Well, the answer to this depends on several elements, including the bike’s brand and model, tuning, and rider weight.

How Fast Does a 110cc Dirt Bike Go?

In essence, a 110cc dirt bike should have a top speed of 35 to 45 mph, while some more recent and expensive models assert that they can achieve speeds as high as 60 mph. 

However, consider that several factors must line up for this figure to be reached— Is your motorcycle outfitted with a suitable air filter and radiator? Are the tires ideal for the particular terrain you want to travel on? Are the track conditions ideal? If so, you ought to be able to perform at your best.

You will need to adjust your bike several times until you find the optimal setting for you and the track if you want to get the maximum performance out of it. Take into account the engine oil and suspension in use. They significantly affect how well the bike can maximize its performance.

4 Ways to Improve the Power of your Dirt Bike

Use a Higher-Quality Fuel

When you fill-up your dirt bike, spend more money on premium gas with a higher octane rating. You just put in a few gallons—possibly 1-2 gallons if you’re filling the gas tank of your dirt bike, and/or only 5 gallons if you’re filling a gas can or gas jug—even though it’s more expensive and can seem incredibly difficult to do when gas prices climb. 

Pay attention to the gas stations in your neighborhood when picking your fuel as another factor to consider. Since they must constantly restock their stock, the busy gas station will always have the most recent fuel.

Modifying Your Factory Clutch

While the clutch on most dirt bikes is adequate for beginner riders right out of the box, swapping the factory clutch out for a more race-specific or race-ready version can result in considerable advantages. These improvements won’t, however, increase horsepower. You’ll notice the engine’s ground power, which translates to better acceleration, pickup, and control, ultimately improving the engine’s overall speed and performance.

Open the Valves

Balance of airflow and fuel is a crucial factor in motorcycle performance and speed. Theoretically, an engine’s power can increase if the engine’s airflow can be increased. 

By opening and closing valves, camshafts are the parts that regulate the airflow into the machine. High-performance cams will let the valves stay open for longer, allowing greater airflow and raising the horsepower range.

Improve the Exhaust

The muffler is essential to the exhaust system because it allows the bike to “breathe” better. Depending on your engine, installing a pipe (2-stroke) or slip-on (4-stroke) can improve engine performance, albeit in a small way. The beauty of a muffler upgrade is that it requires little skill, making it ideal for a beginner. You can usually complete the swap in about 15 minutes, with only a few bolts to keep track of.

List of 5 Fastest 110cc Dirt Bikes in the Market in 2022

Honda CRF110F

It is Honda’s top-selling dirt bike with excellent reliability and features. The top-notch performance of the Honda CRF110F makes it stand out in the crowd.

Yamaha TTR110E

It is a dirt bike that is suitable for any Gen rider; it meets the requirement and riding needs of all. The rugged and reliable engine works to give a smooth plus adventurous ride.

Kawasaki KLX110

Kawasaki KLX110 is a sporty, compact dirt bike that incorporates a reliable engine capable of delivering good power. It includes a centrifugal clutch that is best fitted for dirt rides.


It is a dirt bike best suited for 8-12 years riders looking out to hit the wind and dirt. The compact nature and the bike’s features make it best suited for budding riders.

Suzuki DR-Z110

Suzuki DR-Z110 is a good choice for novice riders, as it produces easy-to-control power. The new frame and bodywork make it more appealing to the riders, and it’s a good bike for teenagers and adults.


The answer for how fast does a 110cc dirt bike go depends on many aspects—type and setup. The max speed of a 110cc dirt bike is just one of several things you should consider. There are slopes and turns to be aware of on the tracks.

Dirt bike height and weight are key considerations if you are tall or short, and engine power is also essential if you weigh more or less than the average rider. We hope that this article will meet all of your requirements.


How fast is a 4-stroke 110cc?

The top speed of 110cc dirt bikes is determined by whether the engine is 4-stroke or 2-stroke. A 4-stroke engine produces enough power for each two crank rotations, reducing jerks and promoting a smooth ride. 4-stroke 110cc dirt bikes, on average, can reach top speeds of 50-55mph. There are, however, a few exceptions that fall within or above this range.

Which are the 3 Fastest 110cc trail Dirt Bikes?

1. 2022 Yamaha WR250F with a top speed of 85mph
2. 2022 Zero FX with a top speed of 85mph
3. Honda XR 650L with a top speed of 110mph

Which are the 3 Fastest 110cc Motocross Dirt Bikes?

1. KTM 450 SX-F with a max speed of 123mph.
2. 2022 Honda CFR450RL with a top speed of 87mph
3. Kawasaki KX450 with a top speed of 89mph