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Dirt Bike Buying Guide: How Much a Dirt Bike Cost?

How Much a Dirt Bike Cost

Riding through the forest, over mountains, and on off-road trails is thrilling. Riding off-road reduces tension and gives one a sense of freedom and unadulterated delight. On your dirt bike, you may go on several enjoyable outdoor excursions, whether you travel alone or with friends.

Dirt bikes are used for more than just fun and are an excellent choice if you want to improve your riding abilities. But certain questions can come to the rider’s mind when buying a dirt bike—How much a dirt bike cost?  Which one should you buy? Also, what is the most affordable dirt bike for a beginner?

Let’s first look at the pricing of the dirt bikes to determine which one best meets your needs in terms of your budget and level of experience.

An overview of dirt bike purchasing

Let’s say you want to buy a dirt bike. In that scenario, you may anticipate receiving tons of information about various bikes with diverse power outputs, functionalities, and special features that provide a distinctive riding experience. So which one should you pick, and how much will it cost you financially? Let’s examine some bikes with various engine sizes that you can pick from, as follows:

Dirt bikes 125cc

Being light and simple to ride, 125cc dirt bikes are preferred among beginners. These bikes are highly nimble despite having modest engine displacements, making it a thrill to rip over off-road trails.

Honda CRF125

This bike costs about $3,199 at retail. If you’re looking for a dirt bike renowned for being incredibly dependable, go no further than a Honda. With a powerful 124.9cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine, the CRF125 is sure to pump your blood with adrenaline. Additionally, the bike has two trim levels: normal and big wheel, which has a bigger wheel diameter, a longer swingarm, and a higher saddle height. 

Yamaha TT-R125LE

The second Japanese legend on this list is Yamaha, who you may be familiar with. Like the lightweight machine stated above, the TT-R125LE gets equipped with a few extra features, such as a tool-free air filter, an automatic cam chain tensioner, and a lightweight exhaust that the US Forestry Service has approved. You might anticipate paying roughly $3,349 for this device.

Suzuki DR-Z125SL

Although Suzuki might not be the most well-known brand on our list, the 124cc single-cylinder engine, 5-speed manual transmission, big wheels, and front disc brake of the DR-Z125SL make it a swift motorcycle. This bike, which will cost you between $3,100 and $3,000, is a fantastic all-arounder.

Beta 125 RR

The 2019 Beta 125 RR is the best option if you prefer lightweight dirt bikes. This bike, which costs $7,999, provides excellent value for your money and will perform faster and better for trail riding.

TE150 Husqvarna

This dirt bike, which costs $8,500, is perfect for off-road riding. Riders can enjoy the comfort with its design. It is an excellent option for lengthy off-road excursions.

Dirt bikes 250cc

The 250cc class is a formidable opponent. If you are new to dirt biking, you might want to start with something a little smaller. However, because these bikes provide the ideal power-to-weight ratio, this category is regarded as one of the most well-liked. 

Kawasaki KX250

If you’ve heard anything about motocross racing, you’ve probably heard a tale about a green color that pulls ahead of the pack. The distinctive trademark image of Kawasaki is that shade of green. The KX250 weighs under 221 lb and has legendary low-end power. The major point is that it is lightweight, which makes it a dream to ride on challenging tracks. Currently, you can get one for about $8,300.


A little attention has recently been paid to Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM in the motocross scene because of their incredibly strong and recognizable orange dirt motorcycles. The 250XC dirt bike is available for $9,799 and features an upgraded frame for excellent handling and straight-line stability. Additionally, these motorcycles include an airbox and an air boot to keep them clean.

Beta 250 RR, 2017

Choose the Beta 250 RR for a hint of Italian workmanship. The 250RR continues Beta’s tradition of producing high-caliber dirt bikes, a well-known benefit. You can rent one of these to speed down the track for about $8,500.

Honda CRF250R

This dirt bike model from 2019 offers superb quality for your off-road riding. Greater handling makes it easier to maneuver the bike through tight turns. For better performance, the Honda CRF250R also sports a side exhaust pipe. This one is approximately $7,999.

YZ250 2-Stroke

The new YZ250 from Yamaha is thrilling in every sense of the word. Riders will experience a fantastic powerband with a 249cc liquid-cooled two-stroke engine, which can be enjoyed everywhere, from a narrow single track to vast fields.

Dirt Bikes 300-450cc

The 300-450cc class is best if you are an experienced rider seeking some significant power. These handsome motorcycles are designed exclusively for speed, and given the terrain these dirt bikes operate in, their top speed of 90 mph is astounding. 


A fun and simple ride on a motorcycle is the Beta XTRAINER 300 dirt bike. With snappy handling in every off-road setting, the complete suspension design and high-performance tires make it fun and comfortable for the rider. The automated clutch and front and rear hydraulic brakes prevent you from having aching hands after a long day of riding.

Husqvarna FC 350

Our favorite white motocross bike is the Husqvarna FC 350 because it has the ideal power, excellent handling, and outstanding components. The bike has some suspension improvements for 2021 that will no doubt excite all riders.

The suspension at Husqvarna has undergone significant alterations as of 2021. The inner and outer tube adjustments with the 10mm shorter fork maintain the same overlap between both tubes, not altering how they absorb stress.

Kawasaki KX450

This Kawasaki KX450 dirt bike costs $9,300 and is an improvement over earlier Kawasaki models. It has excellent features and enhances stability when traveling on unsteady rails.

Yamaha YZ450F 

This Yamaha model has a more robust front axle for the best control and cornering traction. The bike has a 4-stroke engine and an electric start technology, which makes it easy to get moving again if it stalls on the track quicklyOne of these bikes will have you tearing up the track for $9,299!

GasGas MC450F

The 2021 MC450F is the first dirt bike to carry the GasGas brand, which is well-known in the motocross community. Sure, the bike has many KTM parts, but the MC450F has its characteristics, such as better suspension, which is essential when buying a dirt bike. The GasGas MC450F costs around $9,399, significantly less than the KTM.

RM-Z450 Suzuki

When it comes to racing, the Suzuki RM-Z450 is the best option for those who desire a balance of speed, handling, and style. This motorcycle has a sleek appearance that will draw attention and an engine with adequate power to accelerate on any terrain easily.

Choosing the best dirt bike

Finding the exact dirt bike model with all the desired features can be challenging, and you must consider other factors besides cost. And you also need to ponder about the bike’s performance and upkeep.

Don’t purchase a dirt bike merely for its stylish appearance. A dirt bike that will be enjoyable to ride and provide excellent performance over time is what you need. You need to analyze the following factors before choosing a bike for off-road riding.

Dirt bike price

Price is a key factor to consider when selecting a dirt bike. The price of four-stroke dirt bikes is more than that of two-stroke models. If you need a bike that will perform well, get a four-stroke dirt bike. A two-stroke motorcycle, however, will be perfect for a casual rider. 

Riding knowledge

An experienced rider is more equipped to control a powerful bike than a novice. For off-road biking practice, you’ll need a dirt bike with a smaller motor if you’ve never ridden before. Smaller dirt bikes are simple for beginners because larger dirt bikes may intimidate the rider.


Avoid purchasing a large dirt bike if you’re just starting because they can ride faster by starting with shorter rides. However, if the bike is too tiny, the rider’s weight may impact the suspension. While cycling, you can hit the handlebars or tuck your legs under your jaw. Pick a bike that can support your weight while sitting on it. As you gain experience, you can manage it.


In addition to dirt bike costs, balance is essential for biking. If the bike is appropriate for your height, both feet should be flat on the ground as you sit forward. You can tell the dirt bike is too big for you when only the very tips of your toes are touching the ground. The bike is unsuitable for you if your feet are flat on the ground. Choose a bike that you can sit on without straining and one that can easily reach the hand controls.

It is not sufficient to simply inquire about the price while selecting a dirt bike. Make sure the dirt bike is appropriate for you before going off-road.


When it comes to buying a dirt bike, many questions come to riders mind. And the utmost concern for every rider is how much does a dier bike costs. There are ample possibilities when it comes to motocross bikes’ prices. But if you’re searching for a 125cc beginner bike, you can get one for a little over $3,000. The cost of the 250cc bikes will be slightly higher, ranging from $8,000 to $10,000. The Big Boy 450cc bikes cost more; they start at roughly $9,000 and can exceed $10,000. So, if you are looking to buy an dirt bike, you need to find a balance between your need and your budget.


What kind of engine does a dirt bike use?

For dirt bikes, two types of engines—two-stroke and four-stroke engines. When the smoker, pinger, cycle motor, or 2t are terms used to describe two-stroke engines. The terms “thumper,” “four-cycle motor,” “250F,” and “four-banger” all refer to four-stroke engines.

What kind of tires do dirt bikes use?

The dirt bikes’ tires are small, with large tread blocks and knobs for traction. Thanks to their substantial empty spaces, tires can hold sand, mud, and debris. The dirt bike tires include a sizable knobby tread pattern to ensure safe riding over challenging terrain.

What is the legal age to ride a dirt bike?

Children as young as three can ride a dirt bike. With little electric dirt motorcycles, they can get started. Additionally, four-year-olds can safely operate a gas-powered dirt bike. They can ride bikes without training wheels when they are five years old. They are also capable of tiny jumps.

What is the difference between a Pit bike and a Dirt bike?

The dirt bikes are made for rough roads and streets, while the pit bike is made to be a tiny motorcycle for pit racing. Riding on the pits is done on the pit bikes.

How much maintenance does a dirt bike need?

A dirt bike needs just minor upkeep. You must clean the chain after dirt rides, rebuild the engine every 150 miles, and change the motor oil and air filter every two rides, in addition to rebuilding the engine every 150 miles.

Do electric dirt bikes work well?

Being environmentally friendly and helping the environment, electric dirt bikes are indeed beneficial Electric solutions do not require a jumpstart either. They may be ideal for beginners and little children, requiring little upkeep and being simple to ride.