Linked Braking System (LBS) Proportional Control Valve (PCV) Leakage

American Honda is conducting a Safety Recall to inspect the Linked Braking System (LBS) proportional control valve (PCV) on affected 2002-2004 GL1800/A models. The PCV could develop a leak. Over time, the leak could result in a total loss of brake fluid in the rear brake system. If the motorcycle continues to be used after a leak occurs, the rear brake would eventually become inoperative. In the worst case, a loss of rear brake force may cause a crash without warning. All affected units will have the PCV inspected and replaced as required.


2002 GL1800
1HFSC470*2A111443 thru 1HFSC470*2A113582

2002 GL1800A
1HFSC474*2A102394 thru 1HFSC474*2A102823

2003 GL1800
1HFSC470*3A200001 thru 1HFSC470*3A212217

2003 GL1800A
1HFSC474*3A200001 thru 1HFSC474*3A203256

2004 GL1800
1HFSC470*4A300001 thru 1HFSC470*4A306927

2004 GL1800A
1HFSC474*4A300001 thru 1HFSC474*4A301749


American Honda is sending a letter to owners of all affected 2002-2004 GL1800/A models, advising them to take their motorcycle to a Honda motorcycle dealer to have the Safety recall procedure performed.Your assistance is needed to ensure your GL1800/A customers are informed of this Safety Recall. A copy of the customer letter is reproduced on page 5 of this Service Bulletin.

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